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  1. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Charles 'Buchinski' Bronson

    :) :gun: Found this site. Hope you visit it? Donald Lee Wilkey shared a link. 13 hours ago Sea Wolf and Act Of Vengeance - New CHARLES BRONSON Chat Sea Wolf and Act Of Vengeance 1UnlikeLike · · Share You like this.
  2. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Chief Steven Seagal Dolly

    Discovered at website this morning
  3. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Happy Memorial Day

    To all Americans and Chief Steven Seagal. What does memorial day mean to you?
  4. Donald Lee Wilkey

    How did Steven Seagal become "Chief Steven Seagal"?

    I'd lay money down on this and take it to the bank that Steven Seagal got his new nickname through effortless endeavors. By humbly defeating various police officers in hand to hand combat and gun firing range events in various continents, countries, states, and cities world-wide. What say...
  5. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Knowing who's 'who in the zoo'.

    I find it prophetically astounding how Sensei Steven Seagal has captured the hearts of fans globally and taken down all scoffers in his path since and probably before 1988. From jealous actors, mma fighters, and opportunistic media personnel. It's a bit funny as well how Sensei Seagal is finding...
  6. Donald Lee Wilkey

    If you aren't or maybe one already. Why did you become a Steven Seagal fan on this site?

    I became a fan of Steven Seagal because his films are entertaining and I look forward to him receiving an Academy/Oscar Award someday for his contributions to cinema.
  7. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Sensei Steven Seagal's Bodyguards

    I have a lot of curiosities for this thread, but I'll keep this reply/posting question short. "What'd be required of an actual bodyguard on their shift protecting Steven Seagal on the road, at home, at a public event, and so on?"
  8. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Steven Seagal at 2011 Dreamcatcher Gala

    It is so cool to hear and see Chief Steven Seagal praising the great Six Nation's law enforcement agencies that he visited in this clip.
  9. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Steven Seagal at 2011 Dreamcatcher Gala

    It is so cool to hear and see Chief Steven Seagal praising the great Six Nation's law enforcement agencies that he visited and spoke about in this youtube clip.
  10. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Who's in need of a Hair Piece?

    Lemme C....hmmm? 1. Clint Eastwood Sho nuff would do alot for what's left of his career :D
  11. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Hair Piece

    Les C many Hollywood icons have dawned a rug? 1. Johnnie "The Duke" Wayne 2. Burt Reynolds
  12. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Martial-Arts Mat Sanitization

    Has anyone ever accepted an 'advertised' onetime offer to train for a free course at a martial arts training hall and discovered the aroma was disgusting from the body/foot sweat leeching into the mat or carpeting? I have and I got to confess that polyeurythane or carpet for training is very...
  13. Donald Lee Wilkey

    USSF's count down posting of Steven Seagal LAWMAN season 3

    USSF my prayers are with your stout and determined hope to await Steven Seagal's Lawman season 3 televized release if not on A&E then on some other t.v. channel? I must confess that inspires me to continue hoping and praying for Steven Seagal and his innocence. I'm certain Steven Seagal faces...
  14. Donald Lee Wilkey

    "My Sensei", Dog The Bounty Hunter

    In an episode of Dog The Bounty Hunter show on A&E Channel Dog mentioned that he had a sensei. I always wondered which martial arts sensei he was speaking of?
  15. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Any news of Deputy Steven Seagal's new title will be?

    In his new 3rd season of Lawman? Will he be still be known as Deputy Steven Seagal?
  16. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Mirageman 2007

    Unsure of the specific kick-boxing martial arts style performed by the actor Marko Zaror? But it is entertaining for a film from South America. Did recoginize some caipoeira from one of the bad guys. I recommend it.
  17. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Whoa. This is a scary, but a curious thought. It just came to me after reading a few postings

    in here and listening to their public hateful remarks from these ufc fighters and martial artists How is Sensei Steven Seagal going to react to these martial artists such as Jeff Speakman for calling Seagal a 'fat pig' in his past radio interview titled Monsters WTKS Radio 104.1 FM. shown on...
  18. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Rocky V is Racist

    After hearing and viewing the racist dialog in a scene with Tony Burton concerning "Native American Tribal Peoples" viewed and spoken of in a negative and racist manner by Tony Burton's character as 'Paulie'. It was very upsetting to me to realize that Sylvester Stallone would use this type of...
  19. Donald Lee Wilkey

    xenForo replacing USSF website design?

    :confused::cussing::gun: What happened to the green designed USSF site? Where's Steven Seagal photos? Craig, tell me u'r not replacing this 'xenforo' design for the green design u had?
  20. Donald Lee Wilkey

    DLW's Test

    Hope this helps?