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    Tell me about yourself...

    Hey, thanks guys!! I feel right at home...;) Anyway, thanks for the guys seem to be very cool dudes! Awesome! For Amos Stevens-my blood type is A+, and for Serena, no I don't have a older brother, but I have some older cousins that are into there 20's now. And for Lotussan...
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    What styles are the best for self-defense/ street situations?

    Ahh, yes!! Sorry, I was in a rush, and didn't have alot of time!! Forgive me!!! ;)
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    Tell me about yourself...

    Hello, one and all. Just thought I'd introduce myself, since I've been a member from early July. Here are some facts...;) 1) Name: Peter A. Theoharis 2) D.O.B: March 20th 1990 11:20:00PM 3) Age (Current): 14 4) Hieght: 6' 1'' 5) Location: Chicago, IL. USA 6) Culture: 100% Greek. 7)...
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    I need your help please!!!

    Welcome, and hello Sam. I do hope you like the forum, and the site. Enjoy!! ;) + "For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotton son, Jesus Christ to be sacrificed in order to save us all from eternal damnation. Amen" +
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    Mel Gibson film, "The Passion"!

    + Your very correct, Julie. God will correct us in his way, but we most also follow his way of light. I was raised a Orthodox christian, so we all believe, and know, "Christ is the lamb that was to shed it's blood for thy own sake into life"-Thess. Ch. 4 (?). God sarcificed his own son, Jesus...
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    What styles are the best for self-defense/ street situations?

    Thanks, Yudansha! The styles I am trained in, are of course, Karate, Juijitsu, Praticle Aikido, and now I am starting to learn, Washu, that is very special in fights...mostly street-fighting. But, I was trained in JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) witch in tern, helped me understand...
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    Aikido or karate?

    I currently take Karate, and Jujitsu...but would like also to take lessons in Aikido, and even bought DVD's to on how to master it. But it seems that Aikido is very diffucult, thats why I'm only taking 'Pratical Aikido', for situations that are deadly, or dangerous. My sensie requires I first...
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    What styles are the best for self-defense/ street situations?

    I'd say...the best defense in the streets, is to use 'Pratical Aikido' and 'Washu'. These style's are quick, and deadly to all who oppose you. Never use Karate, unless your against ONE person,...not 7. In my training, I'v learned that the moves you make, need to be the moves you use to take...
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    Other Official Site is Opened !!!

    I just went there, and was added on to the fan list...awesome site, dude. They got music, movies, you name it there!! I downloaded "Marked for Death" even though it took a while. Very cool site...the backround is nice, and the way the site is set Hope it gets even better!