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  1. Kotegashi

    Behind the story of Jesse Endkamp meeting Seagal (incl reason Seagals weight)

    It appears Seagal has a thyroid condition for which he takes medication that cause his weight increase. Interesting video
  2. Kotegashi

    New youtube video Seagal with Jesse Enkamp

    Found this today.
  3. Kotegashi

    Seagal with his sensei Hiroshi Isoyama

    Saw tthis on youtube today, cann't recal seeing it before. Gives dredit to the story of Seagal figgting bad guys while in Japan Peace
  4. Kotegashi

    Releasing my own music

    Besides my daytime job as an accountant, being a familyman and a moderator of this site music is a big part of my life. I listen to tons of music everybody, from pop music to electronical, from metal to movie soundtracks. But one genre always sticks out for me and that is house music. In 'the...
  5. Kotegashi

    Seagal in Morocco

  6. Kotegashi

    Steven Seagal now official Russian envoy

    Dutch article that states that the Russian minister of foreign affairs stated that Seagal is now an official Russian envoy tasked to improve the humanitarian relationship between Russia and the US. Peace
  7. Kotegashi

    Small video of Seagal teaching Aikido in Russia in 2013

    Don't know if this been posted before, but i never saw it before. Peace
  8. Kotegashi

    Who will help me (kotegashi) try to win a DJ competition?

    Dear Seagal friends, Besides being a Seagal fan I'm also an amateur producer and DJ. Now I've entered a competition on mixcloud, but I need help wil I make any chance on winning a price. Who's gonna help me win this competition? Help me promote my mix on social media, and listen to it (start...
  9. Kotegashi

    The Way Of The Shadow Wolves

    Steven apparently wrote a book.
  10. Kotegashi

    Seagal Meets Okinawa Karate Master

    Found this on youtube. peace
  11. Kotegashi

    Help Kotegashi To Las Vegas

    Hi Everybody, Going out on a limb here, but i've entered a DJ competition. Probably won't win but thought I'd finally give it a try and you could help me win. Listen to mix set on Mixcloud: like and and if you...
  12. Kotegashi

    Seagal At Tornado Aikido Festival 2015 Moscow

  13. Kotegashi

    Happy New Year!

  14. Kotegashi

    Seagal Attending Martial Arts Show In Moscow

    Short clip. don't see much of Seagal, but he still shows his aikido. peace
  15. Kotegashi

    Steven Seagal believes politics played a role in “Lawman” troubles

    I think it is starting to go a little bit to his head, but saw this after a post on his Facebook. It is about the 3rd season of Lawman. Peace
  16. Kotegashi

    clips from 1990 aikido seminar by Seagal

    Found this on YouTube, old footage from a seminar Seagal gave in july 1990. Not very good quality but definitely worth watching. Don't know if it has been posted before. Will continue with 2 more clips in the next post Peace
  17. Kotegashi

    New European music tour Seagal 2014

    Saw an announcement on facebook about a new music tour in europe in 2014. Peace
  18. Kotegashi

    JCVD's epic split

    Saw this clip on youtube this week. Awesome.
  19. Kotegashi

    True Justice contest on facebook Looks like a cool prize package. Peace