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  1. Seagalzilla

    Funding A Seagal-production?

    Hi, this is just an idea, but what do you think of a private organized funding initiative for a Seagal production? Is this bad or good? What do you think? Sure a lot of work in the social media are afforded and a strategy must be planned, but before anyone starts something that results into...
  2. Seagalzilla

    Seagal's Scrapped Movies

    What official known (still) scrapped movie what you have like most to see; respectively you still want to see from Seagal. I am still for Genghis Khan, because the Mongolian lord of lords, would be the perfect alternative for all of Seagals characters. Secondary he could make a nice tribute...
  3. Seagalzilla

    Seagal's face on IK Plus

    In 1988, a cult game for the Atari named INTERNATIONAL KARATE PLUS was released and featured Seagal's face on it. It is only the cover, but it is Seagal. :) Was this ever considered by Seagal?
  4. Seagalzilla

    Question about Steamroller Productions

    Hi, the name STEAMROLLER is one well-known name for us, but I would like to know if you can help me: 1st: for movie-related company, why don't they have an official web page? 2nd: does anyone know their connection between the different studios, like in the past: Nu Image or currently...
  5. Seagalzilla

    Seagal in a Japanese movie production?

    Hi guys, I would like to know if you would like to see Seagal in a Japanese movie production? He did some commercials in the past, but not an actual movie. I would like to see him as Golgo 13 produced by Samuel Hadida, with Christophe Gans as a director...
  6. Seagalzilla

    A Higher Form of Learning aka Kill Switch

    Hi, on page 346 of the SEAGALOGY A STUDY OF THE ASS-KICKING FILMS OF STEVEN SEAGAL - UPDATED AND EXPANDED EDITION Vern mentions an early workprint of KILL SWITCH named "A Higher Form of Learning". He watched it, judging from the text. Do you know if this work print is available for official...
  7. Seagalzilla

    Lawman - Season 3 release on DVD?

    As a German, I have only access to the first 2 seasons of Lawman (while only the 1st one was released here) i would like to know, will there be a release of Season 3 on DVD? I can't recieve Reelz, so I am asking.
  8. Seagalzilla

    Prince of Pistols Project

    Hi, i know this project was cancelled, but is or was there stated why exactly it was cancelled and if there was some kind of promotion material online available? If there is thread for this - please lock it if necessary.
  9. Seagalzilla

    Meeting other fans

    Hi, i would like to know if you ever had the chance to meet other Seagal fans in person? I had two experiences, but they were not as i expected. There was a male fan, who said he is a fan like me, but i didn´t know until he found it that everything he said was a lie. His true personality...
  10. Seagalzilla

    The Steven Seagal wiki here

    Hello, i would like to help to improve the wiki here. Who of you is the person in charge i can talk about this topic? Please respond! Thanks!
  11. Seagalzilla

    Seagalzilla arrives

    Hello guys and girls, first let me wish you a happy Easter. Let me introduce myself: I am a German fan of Steven since my childhood. My first movie with him i saw was ABOVE THE LAW. From this point on i became interested in the movies and the person Steven Seagal. I am also an otaku of...