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    Do you recommend watching these movies ?

    Hi I’ve found a few of Seagal’s movies on Apple TV Do you recommend watching any of these movies ? 1- The shadow man 2- against the dark 3- flight of fury 4- The perfect weapon Thank you
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    Attrition rating on IMDb

    Attriton rating on IMDb is 4.5 What do you think about the rating ?
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    DVDs stores in London ?

    Hi where can I find DVDs in London ? I know HMV but I would like to visit new places If someone can help me I will be grateful
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    About into the sun

    Hey everyone I'm thinking of buying ( into the sun ) ? Is it good ? Do you recommend it ? I might have watched it when it was released but I'm not sure
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    Seagal theatrical releases

    Hey everyone Just out of curiosity what's the last movie starring seagal you watched in a movie theatre ?