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    Cuts To Seagal Films Uk

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    Seagals Upcoming Films

    I dont thing Seagals ever had some many potential projects going at one time Absolution (Filmed) Code Of Honor (Filmed) Killing Salazar (Filmed) Upcoming Waxman Asia Film (Unknown) Upcoming Waxman Puerto Rico film (Unknown) Upcoming Cyborg Film (Filmed?) Cypher (Next Possible Film) Upcoming...
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    New Waxman Movie - Non Seagal

    HOLLYWOOD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2015 / Mass Hysteria Entertainment Company, Inc. (OTC: MHYS) announced today it has acquired the rights to the motion picture screenplay, End of a Gun, written by former ATF Agent, Chuck Hustmyre, whose most recent film, House of the Rising Sun, starred...
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    Cyborg Nemesis

    according to IMDB seagal is in this.....anyone know if its true
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    Steven Seagal will star in a new action thriller called A Good Man for Voltage Pictures with Keoni Waxman directing and a 10M budget The film is a revenge movie and will be shot in New Mexico where Seagal plays a Recluse who is brought out of Retirement to help an old friend Sam Huang from the...
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    Tip Of The Spear - Steven Seagal (pre-production, Shooting Starts June 2 2016)

    Seagal to film a movie called tip of the spear in next couple of months according to the man himself its a drugs cartel movie and i hope he finds a new director for it has all this waxman stuff is a bit boring now maybe get roel renie
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    van damme film plus warner bros

    watched second in commend today(new van damme film) and i would rank it above all seagals films apart from belly of the beast and into the sun.The action was ok as were the fights but some parts the film looked cheap and badly edited......overall nothing special but ok by the way van dammes...
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    tv show budgets

    with some of seagals recent films looking cheap and yet have budgets of 20million i was wondering what sort of budgets tv shows like csi and 24 have as them shows have no bad cgi,lots of explosions and are well directed?
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    bbc website

    i found this on bbc site.....
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    films he could have made

    can anyone tell me some films that were made that seagal was to be in.... i know he was to be in the specialist(stallone) and the hunted(lambert)
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    wheres justice

    has he been banned or has he left this site for good.....have not heard from him on this site for a week or so and wanted to know what he thought of out of reach
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    i have a question for mercanery the same as repentance or is it different film?
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    new film

    this was on bbc site for movies
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    news of reach and sun

    according to imdb out of reach is to be made by warner brothers and will go to cinemas and into the sun has a new director
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    glory stv

    z review has bad news on seems it will not be seen in cinemas.....i guess glory will be next film after into the sun and maybe means that unleashed will never be made....
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    out of reach

    anyone here been on matt schulze website for info on out of reach?
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    khan movie

    z review has news on seagals khan movie
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    which films are to be made

    seagal has been connected to alot of movies recently but how many will happen out of reach,into the sun,glory,under siege 3,unleashed and ghenghis khan all to be made but out of all them i think only out of reach,into the sun and unleashed will be made.
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    new films

    anyone here know the release date for out of reach and who the distributer is going to be......also i thought michelle yeoh was in yakuza/into the sun and was going to be leading lady if not then i will be dissapointed
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    seagal and franchise

    seagal has 4 films out of reach,unleashed,into the sun and glory with franchise pictures coming up.....i wonder if seagals big studio days are now well and truly behind him as i would not be suprised if franchise are making g kahn as well.