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  1. seagaljr

    bruce willis is sponsering steven seagal,1,1656,00.html is there news about it its sounds good
  2. seagaljr

    dalai lama in belgium

    hi the great dalai lama is here in belgium for i week is also i part in english
  3. seagaljr

    Here is some news about Steven

    i have found something about steven
  4. seagaljr

    that is intresting about steven seagal

    seagal <> wrote: first of all, thanks for helping my idoll, but i wonder if there is a way that the dubbing in the film could be left away, musch off my friends think the same way about this. i am just asking this because i am a big fan of steven seagal. I try to do...
  5. seagaljr

    entering the dalai lama

    i have good news en acept it on 20 october i become i refuge of the dalai lama:)
  6. seagaljr

    its bad

    hi i have spoken whit the dockter and its bad news again the dockter told my that i have epilisie that way i had those blackouts and also that i wil not be better there wil become i time that i wil not be able to come online ore driving my car now i only can hope that what i say here that...
  7. seagaljr

    song from on deadly ground

    hi i'm looking fror the song to download ad the of on deadly ground under the same sun from the scorpions can some boddy help me out
  8. seagaljr

    next week

    i will have my own camera next week so if there is i chance to meet steven or one of my idols i put it on film and try to put it here on the forum and also over bhoedisme :p :cool: :)
  9. seagaljr


    i don't now what to think about that Under Seige 3: Ain't it Cool News is reporting that Steven Seagal is in Luxembourg filming something called "Unleashed" but says next up he's doing another "Under Siege" [god help us]. It's apparently taken so long because he "likes playing different...
  10. seagaljr


    do some body know's whin steven seagal koms to luxembourg because i go for one week on hollyday over there and to germany saterday i go one week relaxing whooaaa :):):):)
  11. seagaljr

    my pics on boedhism

    look i where i was 2 day's at the yeunten ling in huy belgium ardennes number 3 is my whit lama karta :)
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    hi all thats my pic do i look good hihi :)
  13. seagaljr

    hi hope

    i hope on one day steven enter this board here tha wil be sooo cool :);)