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  1. J.Lucas

    Seagal on Tucker Carlson(10/8/2018)

    ???the first video got pulled by Youtube user so I found this edit of's the complete segment with Seagal this is the Seagal segment from the Tucker Carlson show aired on 10/8/2018
  2. J.Lucas

    Seagal - Budo Magazine June 21,2016

    was looking for the Seagal issue on guitar collector and came across this.... THE MAN WHO CHANGED THE AIKIDO HISTORY On-line magazine you can view complete Seagal section(no fee, no sign-in needed) Has 26 pages on Seagal....somewhat current...ends with his Serbian citizenship has an error or...
  3. J.Lucas

    Lawman Season 3 Complete Episodes

    LAWMAN SEASON 3 uploaded the complete 8 episodes here on dailymotion for anyone that hasn't seen them
  4. J.Lucas

    Matsuoka Sensei Aikido Seminar - 58mts.

    posted 4/28/2015
  5. J.Lucas

    Seagal Sensei Dan Testing 2001 - 30mts

    posted by Makoto Aikido Kyokai, Inc. 2/15/2016
  6. J.Lucas

    Cold Steel Seagal Signature Katana Knife katana&qid=1462795737&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1 and
  7. J.Lucas

    Seagal Russian Aikido Seminar (30mts.)10/22/2015

    Complete 30mt. video of it...from last month(Oct 22 2015)... hard to hear the English translation.. use a video downloader if you want to keep a copy...never know how long something stays...
  8. J.Lucas

    Seagal Seminar San Jose 1990

    Does anyone have this 50mt video in the good quality that was released in 10 parts on Aikido Journal back in 2014? I was able to get parts 1,2 & 4(part 4 is still up and has been...
  9. J.Lucas

    Seagal On Slavi's Show Video(6/25/ 2014)

    I don't see this's a 28mt video interview with Seagal from last summer.. came across it by accident when looking for the 'Raked' magazine that Seagal did. It was posted on: anyone read of get the...
  10. J.Lucas

    How To Blow Up A Helicoptor(ayako's Story)

    How to Blow Up a Helicopter (Ayako's Story) came across this when reading the Seagalogy epub... mentioned a film that Ayako made(I think it was 2009) about a visit to see her father in Canada, I guess the idea is that you're not supposed to know who...
  11. J.Lucas

    Collectors Issue: Martial Arts Legends Presents: For Sale

    --- I hope this does not 'break' forum rules. J.L. --- Martial Arts Legends Presents(June 1998) Shigemichi Take, Shihan Steven Seagal The Spiritual Warrior Who Prospered on the Island of Budo scan of my personal copy index page The whole issue is 100 pages about Seagal... in between ads at...
  12. J.Lucas

    Seagal Private Collections(repost)

    Came across this old 7mt. video edit from the 'Private Collections' series that was on History Channel some time back... I originally posted a link to D/L it back then, but coming across it recently I figured I post it to YT for viewing. I believe it's from 2009, however I'm not sure exactly...
  13. J.Lucas

    “Maximum Conviction” Pirates Won’t Get Maximum Conviction

    “Maximum Conviction” Pirates Won’t Get Maximum Conviction Added: Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 Category: Recent Headlines Involving File Sharing > Ridiculous Criminal Trials Mass lawsuits, launched by numerous copyright trolls, seem to be consigned to the dustbin of legal history soon. The idea...
  14. J.Lucas

    Season 2 Lawman finished?

    Does anyone know if the Season 2 has made the full run? I see that it was not on this week or next(Nov 17th & 24th).. was there really only 8 episodes to this season? Thanks J.L.
  15. J.Lucas

    Seagal Hustler Mag. Interview Oct.2010

    Hi.... Haven't been around for awhile....but I came across this today. It's a Steven Seagal Interview in the Oct issue of Hustler Magazine. It's only like 2-3 page thing....but I pulled out the interview only for download(PDF) if anybody wants to read it... They do ask about Dangerous...
  16. J.Lucas

    The 'infamous' Sat Night Live show(4-20-1991)

    Here is the 'infamous' SNL appearance from 1991....some one here asked about it long ago(can't remember who) and I was finally able to 'dig' it out among old VHS tapes... it's the best quality I can make of it(so far)'s from a VHS copy to VHS to a digital converter ,then into Tmpge...
  17. J.Lucas

    Lawman UK-TV Jan 5th..........

    8 December 2009 9:59 AM, PST | The Guardian - TV News | See recent The Guardian - TV News news » Marina Hyde's campaign to bring Lawman to UK TV screens bears fruit in just four days Insanely thrilling news. Landmark reality series Steven Seagal: Lawman Will be coming to UK TV screens -...
  18. J.Lucas

    Seagal Private Collections Video

    I finally was able to get a hold of the 'Private Collections' episode of the Modern Marvel series.....I extracted the 7.30mts. segment with Steven Seagal showing & talking about some of his sword & guitar collections... I also re-uploaded the Steven Seagal Master of Harmony Magazine too...
  19. J.Lucas

    Martial Arts Legend: Master of Harmony

    Martial Arts Legends(1994 issue) Steven Seagal - Master of Harmony hxxp:// I did a 'search' for some Seagal PDF's but came up kind of short...For awhile I was into collecting some of the few Seagal Magazine rarities I could get my hands
  20. J.Lucas

    Seagal's 1st official website is at.........

    Hello; I've been away for awhile... I was reading the thread about the 'official' site and how poorly it's done... if anyone would like to get an idea of what the '1st official site' looked like......alot of the pages have been stored in an archive at.....