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    Re; does Steven ever read what we say on this site?

    I was wondering just how much does Steven care about his fan club sites? does he care about us at all?Halkush
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    Re: A Personal Spirituality

    Spirituality can have no formal religion or it can be a formal religion. it is a deeply personal experience. I searched for a personal meaning , a connection with some sort of Higher power since I was 12 years old. Suddenly for no apparent reason I "felt" a presence, a guidance of a Higher...
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    Re: Hi , I'm a new member!

    Hello Everyone, I'm a new member, currently in Malaysia, will be travelling to Singapore, Steven is my hero! has been since I first saw his early films way back in early 90's. Love his spirituality, his image, how he helps the poor and unfortunates, the most underated movie star because he...