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    Lmao! Now to post I’m getting a weird message. Luv ya I’m going to bed it’s my night off I hope my other question -why can’t I delete old messages from years ago can be answered!!!
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    Official website states YouTube ?

    Hello all I was looking for new music from the man went to the official website it referred me to YouTube/ user bla bla. Has anyone heard anything about his music? I looked on YouTube and I got - a post that said he had passed away???
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    Hello long time since I been here , got a question

    Lol yes things change that’s for sure!! I just was browsing looks like some I mentioned are still here!Oh- Your just a youngster!!! Lmao! I’m now-what my kids call a kodger !!! I have to remind them I’m sitting right here and I can hear them!!!!. I slip every once and awhile say he’s happily...
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    Just for today

    SHAOLIN MASTER - REMOVE FEAR | Shi Heng Yi 2021 149K views · 3 months ago
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    Official Steven Seagal site

    Hi I haven’t been here in awhile but I went to check out his official site ummm lol is it my phone? I clicked Steven Seagal. Com. I got a male enhancement site! Big hugs all!
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    So grateful to have seen him in concert

    I checked the news to see how he’s doing. Tonight I read Sammy Hager spoke about Mr Seagal and their concert which Mr Seagal was the opening! I went to that concert!! I had a wonderful time! I watched as he signed autographs! Mr. Seagal never looked up -he was determined to sign everyone’s...
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    Congratulations on the sale of Scottsdale home!

    Just wanted to say congratulations to Mr Seagal on the sale of his home! I couldn’t sleep so sitting here just watching the storms move in over the mountains listening to his music. It’s been forever that his official website has been up dated. Does anyone know if he is still playing? Lol...
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    Happy birthday early!

    Happy birthday early!!! I wish for you lots of hug’s kisses and love surrounding you!! Keep safe where ever in our world you are! Big hugs
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    Stronger than me.
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    Amy- listening now

    There’s no greater love
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    Happy New Years

    I look forward to your music to get me threw!!Your my happy thought! Happy new year’s where ever you are hug’s !
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    Just listened to some of Mr Seagals music.i think lollipop and slow boat to China are my favs. Does he have any new music out? Lol ya it’s been awhile
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    Hello! It’s been so long!

    Wow so many years-Hi My happy thought ! Lol I can’t remember how many pass words over the years I have reached out Just to say Hi! I hope all is well.