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    Review: The Glimmer Man

    That along with the end fight scene were the best of this pretty decent movie..
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    Review: The Glimmer Man

    My favourite scene in this movie was the Restaurant scene. One of my favourite of all his movies. Brought back memories of the fight scene in the Pool Bar room in Out for Justice..
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    The Mercenary: Аbsolution (2014)

    What about any news on the DVD release in the U.S.? Living in the Bahamas I cant see it until I buy the Region 1 DVD from Amazon or whoever.
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    Code Of Honor - Steven Seagal, Craig Sheffer (completed)

    Yep, thats James Russo in every movie I can remember him in.
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    New Project (2015): Seagal Signs For Aldamisa's "cypher"

    Well, he did write the story for "Above the Law", and that turned out ok.
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    Gutshot Straight (2013)

    I have always wanted to see Seagal play a role in a mafia flick or play a mafia enforcer. Back in the early 90's he was in the process of making a Mafia Flick called "Man Of Honor". It was already cast and in production when at the last minute the production was halted and the staff and actors...
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    Code Of Honor - Steven Seagal, Craig Sheffer (completed)

    So, Seagal is the vigilante or the soldier out to stop him? It sounds like he maybe playing the bad guy here(well, if you call a vigilante who kills criminals a bad guy).
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    Steven Seagal Was Right Not To Do Expendables 3

    I agree. I doubt there will be another one but if they do make one they need to make it a hard "R" and I would only be interested in it if Seagal is the bad guy. Yea I know, too many ifs.
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    Expendables Franchise Done

    With the latest movie in the franchise(Exp 3) bombing in the North American box office this weekend I think we can safely say this will put an end to the series. I think the reasons for its horrible opening might be a combination of its PG-13 rating(the reason I passed on it) and the movie being...
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    A Good Man - Reviews

    The only problem is: Most of the people reviewing Seagal's movies hate him with a passion(most admit that before they even give the review). That has been the case since he was putting out movies in theatres. Obviously he is not making great action films like he did in the 90's but I would...
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    A Good Man - Reviews

    Now that sounds like a real Seagal fan review. Most of the time we get reviews of Seagal movies from these bums that hate Seagal. These gay drama queens should stay away from bloody action films and review musicals or something similar.
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    New Movie: Foreign And Domestic

    I noticed that in the interview he did in Bulgaria he mentioned that he will be filming a new movie starting in August called "Foreign and Domestic". He only said that it will be filming in Alabama, nothing else. Can we get any further info on the plot and director of this movie from someone who...
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    Steven's Current Location

    So, an interesting note from the interview is that he will be filming a new movie in Alabama, starting in August, called "Foreign and Domestic". Can we get any further information on this movie, like who will be directing and the plot?
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    Gene Lebelle is a douchbag. He was a great martial artist but if you listen to him he tends to push the truth quite a bit in a lot of his stories.
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    New Interview With Seagal

    Yea, I agree with you. He would make a great lead Russian bad guy. I'm in if that happens.
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    New Interview With Seagal

    Yep, as long as Avi Lerner is producing The Expendables movies it is very doubtful that Seagal will be in it. There is no way they can work together in anything. Too much history there. I'm not too convinced on Under Siege 3 either at this point. I dont want him making it with dvd directors and...
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    Cyborg Nemesis

    I've seen rumours that he will be the main bad guy in Cyborg Nemesis. Could be a warm up for Exp 4. It would only be a small cameo in Cyborg Nemesis.
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    The Mercenary: Аbsolution (2014)

    That I know. Sorry but was only posting what was said. I did'nt say it. I just find it ridiculous that a stunt double is needed for post production dialogue. From the look of it, at least the fighting seems to be done by Seagal.
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    The Mercenary: Аbsolution (2014)

    I heard that the stunt double for Seagal pictured above was used for doing dialogue to finish up the movie because Seagal would not come back to finish off when requested to by the producers...
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    Steven Seagal Pic Of The Day.

    Yes, I would love to see him toss Stallone around and beat him down while playing the head Bad guy, right after dispatching Dolph Lundgren in a head to head matchup.