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  1. jsn_mcmlln

    Above the Law Steven Seagal Figure?

    Are you looking for the small (5 and 1/2 inch I believe) figure or the large (12 inch I believe) "doll" with real clothing? The small figure is usually on ebay,the larger one is much more difficult to find.
  2. jsn_mcmlln

    Have you meet Mr Seagal?!

    I met Steven in New York City. He signed my cd and US2 picture and posed for a photo with me. He was very nice and talked really soft.
  3. jsn_mcmlln

    Steven Seagal & Thunderbox Available For Summer Dates

    Do you know if he is coming to America?
  4. jsn_mcmlln

    My DTV guide.

    Great article, thanks! I am slightly surprised Snipes can make more than Seagal.
  5. jsn_mcmlln

    I Met Steven Today!!!!!!!

    That's great, I know meeting Steven was one of the best days of my life.
  6. jsn_mcmlln

    Wonderful News!!!

    Congratulations on the new family member!
  7. jsn_mcmlln

    Happy Birthday, Steven Seagal !!!!!!

    Happy birthday Steven! Hope your day is filled with all the joy you bring to others.
  8. jsn_mcmlln


    You had to buy his cd for $35 and he would sign it and then you had to pay $20 for every item after that you wanted signed. You could not meet him and he would not sign anything untill you bought his cd.
  9. jsn_mcmlln


    I can see your point that time is definitely of the essence. Being on tour I know he has to be in different cities, so he does have to follow a tight schedule, and it can be hard to manage with a large entourage. The point of the PA and the pictures in my case was I was at a comic convention and...
  10. jsn_mcmlln


    That is a shame, he should take a few extra seconds to accommodate his fans. Like Matt said what's an extra 8min and 20 secs. That PA is extremely mean. When I met him at a signing in NYC I had my picture taken with him and went behind the table to stand next to him (he said it was ok and leaned...
  11. jsn_mcmlln

    There is a link for this site listed on

    I don't know if this is old news or not but there is a link for this site on If you go to the News and Links section there is a little spot that says Other Fan Sites and has a link to a free java chat network, this site, and a French Fan Site.
  12. jsn_mcmlln

    What did steven sign for you?

    I would post my pictures but I don't know how to add them in a reply, if someone would tell me I would appreciate it. Also I see in your pictures as well as mine that he only signed it Steven Seagal. I don't know the conditions for you but I met him at a comic book convention and he was 3 hours...
  13. jsn_mcmlln

    *action Special*seagal*lost Action Heroes

    LMAO! I thought your comment was hysterical!
  14. jsn_mcmlln

    Now im getting angry...

    I'm glad that deal is finally over so he can make the great movies he says he can make. But I agree that he shouldn't have said those comments like he did. As someone who buys everything he puts out, I would like to realize I wasted my $25 after I bought the movie (due to dubbing, etc.) rather...
  15. jsn_mcmlln

    Review : Attack Force

    I agree. I thought Attack Force was an embarassment, but I am eagerly awaiting Flight of Fury in February and Once Upon when it is released. Attack Force was ruined by the studio and I think they should release a director's cut to make ammends with the fans. Just because the studio wrecked his...
  16. jsn_mcmlln

    Review : Attack Force

    As Tourmaline put it I am a #3 and I have all of his movies and drove six hours and spent about $200 for hotel, tickets to show, and picture/cd to meet him, but I thought Attack Force was the worst movie he has done. I agree with Suzi the last fight was pitiful. It's too bad the movie turned out...
  17. jsn_mcmlln

    Photos From Big Apple Convention Center

    Sorry Suzi for not replying sooner. Yes she was oriental.
  18. jsn_mcmlln

    Photos From Big Apple Convention Center

    Suzi, The woman with him was his assistant. I was also there and got my photo taken with him. I will try and post it. I was lucky enough to go behind the table and stand right next him while the before mentioned assistant was yelling to get out from behind the table.
  19. jsn_mcmlln

    I am not new to the site but this is my first post

    I am a huge Seagal fan and have been coming to the site for months and really enjoy it so I thought I would join. I was lucky enough this past weekend to meet Steven at the Big Apple Con and it was even more exciting than I thought it would be!