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  1. 7-Ball

    Seagal done making movies??

    I really hope you are right, but average life expectancy is 78-79 years old and he's 71 right now and has not exactly been in Clint Eastwood style shape for longevity.
  2. 7-Ball

    Seagal done making movies??

    Very depressing for Seagal fans...And the clock is ticking with his age for a final farewell.
  3. 7-Ball

    Attriton rating on IMDb is 4.5

    Low for Seagal fans, but understandable from an average viewer point-of-view. I personally gave it a 6.
  4. 7-Ball

    Lawman: Season 3

    Just wanted to check with the community and see if this was ever made available in any way?
  5. 7-Ball

    Seagal done making movies??

    He did, sorta, with Half Past Dead, but them toning it down to a PG-13 rating and him losing the shape he got in for Exit Wounds did him in.
  6. 7-Ball

    Sad Times

    I go by Steven's IMDb every once and a while just to see if there might be something new and always see Beyond the Law and General Commander as his last works and it really makes me sad. I guess the situation with Russia and Ukraine has further alienated Steven from the movie business. We need...
  7. 7-Ball

    Behind the story of Jesse Endkamp meeting Seagal (incl reason Seagals weight)

    I always wondered if that was the case. It makes sense. He was extremely lean for the majority of his life and then started to put on a lot of weight around Glimmer Man and I don't think it was just because he got too comfortable with his success. Of course, he proved he could overcome it by...
  8. 7-Ball

    Seagal on the Merv Griffin Show 1982

    For those that might not follow Seagal's Tenshin Dojo Europe account on Facebook. An incredible clip I had never seen before!
  9. 7-Ball

    Bounty - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White

    I could kind of see him calling it quits after Attrition, but does he really want General Commander and Beyond the Law to be his swan song? I hope not!
  10. 7-Ball

    Payback (True Justice)

    Thanks for the recommendation, but I picked up a copy of Payback from France and waiting for it to come in now.
  11. 7-Ball

    Re-watching Seagal's movies w/Vern's Book

    Watched Marked for Death, this time. Such a great movie, but it's a bit hard to watch cause I've seen it so many times. You also find yourself looking for a Seagal double cause of his DTV movies in his older ones. This was also the first Seagal movie I ever watched so long ago.
  12. 7-Ball

    Re-watching Seagal's movies w/Vern's Book

    Watched Shadow Man last night. This movie is a lot better than I recall it being. It was largely forgettable to me the first time. The action sequences are really solid and besides the rather convoluted plot, was enjoyable. I wish we had to got to see the film for the original script for this...
  13. 7-Ball

    Re-watching Seagal's movies w/Vern's Book

    Hey, everyone. I just recently purchased Vern's Book "Seagalogy" and have decided to go back and watch all of Seagal's movies again (Even those not in the book) in accordance. So far, I'm through: Urban Justice The Foreigner A Good Man Sniper: Special Ops Executive Decision On Deadly Ground...
  14. 7-Ball

    Payback (True Justice)

    Thank you!
  15. 7-Ball

    Payback (True Justice)

    German release is fine too. Any idea where I might import it from? I keep looking on eBay for one to show up somewhere and it never does.
  16. 7-Ball

    Payback (True Justice)

    I'm from USA and this DVD is the only thing I'm lacking from my Seagal collection. Does anybody know where I might could find it? It never seems to show up on eBay in any country. Thanks!
  17. 7-Ball

    Martial Artist Scott Adkins interviewed Seagal

    I wonder if this might give some credence to the Primary Target film actually happening.
  18. 7-Ball

    DVDs stores in London ?

    Not sure about London specifically, but you can frequently find a good selection of DVDs (including Seagal) at Pound Land.