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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    The problem was in the second editing, rastafari. They played down important details that would have made the story easier to understand and added shots, like Billy falling through the window over and over, in an attempt to make the film more exciting, but that was just overkill. They should...
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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    Okay, I'll admit I knew the story before watching the film and the editing made some of the details a little hard to follow. Not Steven's fault. His original version was much more straightforward. This is what happened. Billy Joe, the killer, kills for thrills. He is a psychopath and he...
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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    lol I think Chevy Chase is pretty scary, too. :) But I'm going to have to disagree with you guys on the suspense part. I'm a professional horror writer and publisher. I've edited two anthologies and my poetry, fiction and articles have appeared in over 650 publications worldwide. (See...
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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    Most suspenseful scene: The crime scene where the woman has the explosive connected to her chest. Most uncomfortable scene (for me): I have to go with Vern on this one. It's when Steven's character knocks the black man's teeth out against the bar. I'm from the South and, just as the Klan...
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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    I love this film and I am so glad to see that a lot of you guys like it too. There were problems with the editing as we know, and like the person from the company who did the final editing (ReagansCorpse) told us there were. He (or she) said Steven's version was more straightforward and...
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    Isaac Hayes passed away today :(

    I was so sad to hear about his death. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Yes, he did a great job in Kill Switch and his Theme from Shaft was incredible. He was a Grammy and Academy Award winning entertainer and he will be greatly missed.
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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    Littledragon, Thank you for your outstanding fan trailer. I posted your link on CTK's fan site and I think about 200 of Chris's fans hit it at once. Sorry if it caused a problem. I've been tied up with business the past couple of days and have still only seen limited footage but I agree...
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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    "Acting: Pretty good. Steven and Chris Thomas King definitely stood out. CTK's character really doesn't get fleshed out until half-way through the movie though, and even then I feel like there could have been more for him. I will say he has one of the most hilariously, absurd scenes I've seen in...
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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    I'm going to wait until I have seen the entire film before I write a review, but from the footage I've seen, from the story which I've read and from what I've heard from those who have seen the film, I'm going to give it an 9/10, subject to change once I've seen it. I think a lot of fans...
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    Lee, It's none of my business but I ran across the thread on Steven's IMDb board from the guy...

    Lee, It's none of my business but I ran across the thread on Steven's IMDb board from the guy who registered here under the insulting ID, and I just want to say I think you were exactly right in banning him. Obviously he was here to be offensive and cause trouble. I handle offenders in the...
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    Cancel account

    Don, I hope you will reconsider and stay. I almost left once, too, because of something someone said, but there are so many people here who are friendly and kind and this really is a great forum with great people in charge. It's one of the best I've found. I've read and enjoyed your posts...
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    fan address

    Going through his agent is the best way to correspond with him. His agent's info is probably available on IMDb, but anyone may have to join IMDb Pro to access it.
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    Seagal followed heart straight to the blues

    Thanks, Jalu. It is a great article, and I am going to share the comments he made on Kill Switch with Chris's fans: "As for movie projects, Seagal recently filmed the crime-thriller Kill Switch in Vancouver. His co-stars include a fellow actor-musician, Chris Thomas King from Baton...
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    Martin01, Happy Birthday!!

    Happy birthday, Martin! I just checked the board and saw the thread. Best wishes on your special day.
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    Hi greenvillemiss, I'm Joan Turner (southbound) from Ripley. I manage Chris Thomas King's...

    Hi greenvillemiss, I'm Joan Turner (southbound) from Ripley. I manage Chris Thomas King's fan site. He plays Steven's police partner (Storm Anderson) in Kill Switch. I am a writer and my own site is Books & Blues. Drop me a note or visit either of the websites anytime. Mississippi...
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    Stevens want to help you what could he do for you?

    There's a lot I admire about Steven aside from his acting and musical abilities. One of the things I admire most is his courage to continue working and being true to himself even against opposition and negetative opinion. He sets a great example and I hope he never changes.
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    Hi Juice, You will enjoy it here. I'm new too and everyone has made me feel so welcome!
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    Hello from Mississippi

    Hi tigerfeet, Thanks for visiting Chris's site and for your kind words. I grew up hearing and loving the blues, so being involved in the music just comes naturally for me. The state has finally realized how important an art form it is and has gotten involved by establishing a Heritage Blues...
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    Hello from Mississippi

    Hi Country Eagle, I live in the northeast corner of the state, about 45 miles from Tupelo, and I've been to Elvis's birthplace many times. Driven the Natchez Trace, too, and it is beautiful. One of my favorite places to go is Oxford because I'm a writer and it has such a literary...
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    Hello from Mississippi

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone. :) I appreciate it. I'm enjoying catching up on the news. Myst, thanks for visiting Chris's fan site. Sorry the color was hard on your eyes, though.