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  1. cageyJG

    Cool Black Belt Magazine article on Steven Seagal and Haruo Matsuoka

    Gave me some insights I hadn't known about Steven and his faithful student. Link to 2014 article. "You can try to simply turn and face the first problem that comes to you, but then...
  2. cageyJG

    Steven Seagal energy drink collector dropping in...

    What's up everyone. I was just listening to Bill Burr's Jan. 3, 2020 podcast and he mentioned Steven Seagal, so I thought I'd check in. I first tried the O-ffcial website and looks like it's down. Bill mentioned(41:30) that SS is becoming the more the dialogue kinda badass instead of the...
  3. cageyJG

    Seagal Aikido Masterclass In Russia May 25, 2015

    He looks like he could put a good hurt on just about anyone - even though it's a demo. Sure. I enjoyed the video.
  4. cageyJG

    seagal on Hgtv today

    Hi, everyone. I just caught the HGTV special today from YouTube or somewhere similar. His house is tiggheeeeeet! A few times during, they'd show a pretty cool view from his back window looking out over a vast desert landscape. If anyone noticed, there was a small house down low off to the...
  5. cageyJG

    Steven Seagal Mulling Political Run!

    He should run. He's wise and totally qualified, unlike the morally bankrupt community organizer currently defiling the White House.
  6. cageyJG

    Steven Seagal Week on AMC

    Thank you, Kotegashi-san. I've seen it tear apart one of my other favorite fora, I don't want to see that happen here.
  7. cageyJG

    Steven Seagal Week on AMC

    Is there anything we can do about all the spam on the board?
  8. cageyJG

    Steven Seagal Week on AMC

    All, AMC is advertising SS week the 4th-8th November 2013. Can anyone help me find a promo? I just saw the commercial on AMC, but what - no cool flyer?!
  9. cageyJG

    Deadly Crossing - Seagal's new flick

    This is great news for I and others who sadly never saw the True Justice show, which under Reelz Channel (ch. #2,986 for $50 extra per month, on the Dish Network) were dissuaded from exploring due to the barrier to easy access.
  10. cageyJG

    Television The winner of True Justice Reelz channel Grand Prize is...

    Excuse me for being wayyyyyyy late to this party! Haven't been here in several months. Congratulations to you both. I remember using FB/Twitter and etc. to get as many entries in the drawing as possible :) haha. May I ask: Did they ask you to sign NDAs concerning upcoming projects...
  11. cageyJG

    Seagal aks presidential pardon for Julius Nasso!

    I saw this also! Need some back-story here. Obviously this is a pretty significant slice of news. How did SS and the producer go from mortal enemies to pres. pardon soul bros.? Also, dig the blazer:
  12. cageyJG

    My Band's Tribute to Steven Seagal...

    You win a lifetime supply of Lightning Bolt! I hope he hears this song.
  13. cageyJG

    Television True Justice - Reelz Premiere Date

    What the heck is a "REELZ"? Anyway, here's Steven on the border war. Saying that there are millions of illegal alien invaders helping speed the U.S. into the Third World is besides the point: Steven avoided that apparently toxic truth for the narcoterrorism issue...
  14. cageyJG

    steven seagal is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel!!!

    DAAAAAANG! Came here to post this, but sensed it would be already covered. Do/did we have anyone in the crowd?
  15. cageyJG

    Any beverage updates?

    Great comment, Barbara-Ann! Steven oughta dig out some cashola and update his official website too, I think this site is more "official" than his own! Links are out of date over there. (E.g. copy reading "Ipsum Lorem," etc.) Sorry Steven, I hate to call out a brother from the same hometown...
  16. cageyJG

    Any beverage updates?

    One is now for sale on eBay.
  17. cageyJG

    Any beverage updates?

    Today: $38 for a can! A new record! eBay link
  18. cageyJG

    Steven Seagal sworn deputy sheriff in West Texas

    He needs to partner up with Cynthia Rothrock then we can both be frisked. "Um, I'm going to have to INSIST that a female frisk me, occifer."
  19. cageyJG

    Steven Seagal sworn deputy sheriff in West Texas

    I wonder if this is why I saw this on Yahoo: Or maybe it was because of John Leguizamo's disparaging remarks I'd heard of in passing last week?
  20. cageyJG

    Any beverage updates?

    In my early 30s, I am mostly hormones and so-so manners, I think they are inversely proportional :p