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  1. marky96

    Movies End Of A Gun - Steven Seagal, Jade Ewen (completed)

    Glad to hear this she's gorgeous! :D
  2. marky96

    New Waxman Movie - Non Seagal

    Be nice to see Waxman step out of Seagal's rather large shadow after so long and remind us what he can do when he works with another action star.
  3. marky96

    Wrong Turn 2

    The marine seargent character in this made me think that Seagal should do a film like this where he battles against deformed mountain men. He's pretty much pissed all over his own career now so make it a bit tongue in cheek like Machete or something. Surround him with lots of young babes who...
  4. marky96

    Rambo V - Sylvester Stallone

    What's you're source for this?
  5. marky96

    Terminator: Genisys - Arnold Schwarzenegger

    I think that even if Genisys flops Paramount will likely press on with the two sequels in 2017 and 2018 in order to get them made before they lose the rights to the franchise back to James Cameron in 2019. Whether or not the sequels will feature Schwarzenegger again is another matter. My gut...
  6. marky96

    Interview - Under Siege 3, The Expendables 3...!!!

    I've got a contact looking into what the issues are and where the rights lie to Under Siege and it's characters. So hopefully we will have a definite answer soon.
  7. marky96

    Interview - Under Siege 3, The Expendables 3...!!!

    I would love to see Under Siege 3. A decade ago I wouldn't have settled for anything less than a full theatrical feature but now even I'm willing to accept a high end DTV production. However I just can't see it happening now. I know there are all sorts of rights issues surrounding the films and...
  8. marky96

    A Decade in DTV

    I take your point about the stars you mentioned going back to DTV work. However they have all gone back and done something different and arguably better than before, for example Dolph Lundgren and his supporting roles in a wide variety of films. After Seagal made Machete he just came right back...
  9. marky96

    Force of Execution

    I agree with you there, unless what we have already heard about Seagal playing a crime boss is wrong, then this makes no sense. Having said that though Seagal films are not always known for there straight-forward storylines. What sort of gangs wear combat gear like that anyway?
  10. marky96

    The Expendables 3

    Really glad to hear that, after Stallone, Schwarzenegger is one of the biggest names in the cast. I hope that he gets a much bigger role this time, which should be made easier by fact that some of the film is being shot in LA.
  11. marky96

    Sabotage - Arnold Schwarzenegger

    This film has now been retitled Sabotage. Our friends over at The Action Elite were lucky enough to get a copy of the shooting script (SPOILERS ahead): This film is sounding more and more awesome...
  12. marky96

    Escape Plan (Arnold and Sly)!

    Looks like the marketing campaign for this is finally starting: Official website: Facebook page: Hopefully it won't be too long before we see a trailer.
  13. marky96

    A Decade in DTV

    Great post! Of all the DTV stars Seagal has had the most involvement in his films either as a writer, producer or actor (Only Dolph Lundgren comes close as he has directed or written screenplays for some of his films). Yet somehow Seagal's films have generally turned out worse when you look at...
  14. marky96

    “Maximum Conviction” Pirates Won’t Get Maximum Conviction

    Exactly right! Of all the films someone could copy it's just ridiculous that they would want to copy a Voltage film like this when it never even had a cinema release in the first place!
  15. marky96

    The Expendables 3

    Mel Gibson would make an excellent villain, a worthy adversary for Stallone and his team. This doesn't definitely mean that Seagal isn't in the film, he could be playing a member of Stallone's team, another supporting role or still could be part of the bad guys, for example as the main...
  16. marky96

    The Expendables 3

    I think Nicholas Cage will be a really good addition to the cast. He's made some excellent action films over the years plus he's like Seagal in that he's almost a genre in his own right, I know I will often see a film just because he's in it.
  17. marky96

    Escape Plan (Arnold and Sly)!

    Great poster, the clear cells ties in with what I've read about it being a state of the art futuristic prison.
  18. marky96

    Machete Kills

  19. marky96

    Machete Kills

    Great trailer with a varied cast again just like the first film, can't wait for this! :D
  20. marky96

    The Expendables 3

    Stallone looking good :D The Expendables 3 has been given a release date of 15th August 2014.