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    Seagal's Motivation In Film Making.

    It's a vicious circle, his films are of poorer quality (perhaps not in comparison with the 2003-2005 period when he was dubbed and doubled to ridiculous levels) but less and less people buy them due to the poor quality; every single plot is the same, it's the exact same people appearing in them...
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    Movies End Of A Gun - Steven Seagal, Jade Ewen (completed) Read down near the bottom of the article, ex-Sugababe Jade Ewen is in End of a Gun.
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    Movies Killing Salazar - Steven Seagal, Luke Goss, Georges St Pierre (completed)

    When will Seagal realise those coats don't do him any favours? He looks much better in that picture with just the shirt and much thinner, even in the face, than when he piles all that gear on. He suits stuff like this better; And that badass suit he wore in The Keeper and Pistol Whipped. At...
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    Code Of Honor - Steven Seagal, Craig Sheffer (completed)

    Rastafari, the point I was making is that Vinnie Jones is in some respects an action actor, he's known for being physical in both the sporting profession and in the acting roles he takes. He fought with Stallone in Escape Plan and they had a pretty decent fight so why didn't he get one hit in...
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    Code Of Honor - Steven Seagal, Craig Sheffer (completed)

    I'm not trolling here guys, honestly I'm not - but it's kinda sad when I see you guys trying to scrape together some hope between you, after learning Seagal was doubled for an entire 2 minute fight you're saying that maybe there is still some hope it will be a good movie because he filmed...
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    Movies Killing Salazar - Steven Seagal, Luke Goss, Georges St Pierre (completed)

    Seagal is clearly playing a cop/SWAT team leader or something similar in this film, that's what I take from the on set pics anyway so if he and the lead have a clash, either Seagal is corrupt or they simply exchange a few moves before they realise they are both good guys. I don't see Seagal...
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    The Mercenary: Аbsolution (2014)

    I didn't expect much else, but I'm disappointed to hear the end fight is very one-sided. Vinnie Jones is a more interesting opponent than usual and it would have been good to see them in a decent fight together. One of Seagal's most entertaining fights is the final fight in Driven to Kill where...
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    Four Floors - My New Film

    Dear all, I really hate doing this, honestly I do. Despite being a writer, actor, producer etc. I actually hate self-promotion, it feels so vain, especially on forums where we're here to talk about someone else. However, I do really need to get this out here and I'd appreciate it if you all at...
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    New movie poster for "Force of Execution"

    UK cover is slightly different...
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    Deadly Assassin - next part of TJ series released in UK (cover)
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    Q&A with Keoni Waxman!

    Guys you cannot ask him some of those questions, they are a little too offensive and not interview etiquette. You need to be courteous so that he will do it again. Don't ask him if it is possible for him to get a bigger budget, that would not please me as it feels like a criticism, instead ask...
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    True Justice - season 2: Movie 4 "Angel of Death."

    New/Updated UK cover;
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    Bond 24 Trailer - and it ain't Daniel Craig!

    Hmm that's odd, it plays fine for me bro? Have you tried using Chrome?
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    A Decade in DTV

    I felt compelled to make this post/topic after watching Half Past Dead last night. It has been months since I've watched a Seagal movie, (apart from Maximum Conviction which I did genuinely forget about whilst writing this as it is so forgettable in itself,) and last night I stuck on HPD just...
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    Bond 24 Trailer - and it ain't Daniel Craig!

    HERE IT IS. :D:gun: So what did you all think? I have some pretty big news coming soon guys that I really, really need your help with. In the meantime, please, please, please share my video on your twitter feed and on facebook, and tag me if you wish. Search for me on facebook and...
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    Bond 24 Trailer - and it ain't Daniel Craig!

    I'M BACK. As James Bond 007-Brain Cells in what is likely my biggest action short yet. A massive thanks to Dragonrage from the forum for the special effects and also thanks goes to Dolphage from the Dolph forum for the trailer voiceover. Enjoy guys, it's absolutely loaded to the gills with...
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    Force of Execution

    Seagal has lost some weight, definately his face looks thinner. I hope he continues to do so. The beard is good too, different look for him. I'm a little more positive about this movie. Btw Mason, Seagal lost to Trejo in Machete because he was the villain, granted the fight was a tad short but...
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    Jean Claude Van Damme: A Career in Kicking Ass

    Hey guys! Thought some of you may be interested in this!! I am happy to announce the release of my brand new kindle book, Jean Claude Van Damme: A Career in Kicking Ass, which is available exclusively to download on amazon kindle and PC's. It is priced at $4.08 ($2.56) and can be found at the...
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    True Justice season 2

    Finally got around to watching Soldier of Vengeance as it was only three quid! Haven't even seen the remainder of Season 1 but it's not all available here, which takes me to the most retarded thing ever about True Justice. On the disc it has - TRUE JUSTICE - THE GHOST - VENGEANCE IS MINE -...
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    Maximum Conviction

    Voltage Pictures always make shit trailers, Anchor Bay always make badass trailers. This is much, much better and I am surprised Seagal fights Pare. Will pick this one up before any more Turd Justice DVDs, it looks like a decent action DTV. Honestly if Seagal made movies in this vein for the...