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  1. Irishgirl

    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Go for it!......Sending positive energy your way!
  2. Irishgirl

    "Steven We Love You"(off-topic)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too Orang. I'm sure Steve will spoil her rotten, he has such a warm heart. As for this being your first Valentine's day without your husband. Please do something nice for yourself, maybe something that you use to do together; or just make it a "you" day.
  3. Irishgirl

    Television True Justice - Season 2 On Reelz

    I don't know but I did. It was awesome?
  4. Irishgirl

    Television True Justice - Season 2 On Reelz

    The count down to 9pm has started....woo!woo! Raise the Roof!
  5. Irishgirl

    "Steven We Love You"(off-topic)

    Oh! Orang! You have a Happy New Year too!....As for you post about dying his hair. I wouldn't have it any other way, but it's his decision...right! Just think no one questions it when a women dyes her hair. We all want to look our best, and keep that younger image. Have a great day Orang!
  6. Irishgirl

    Akido - The Path Beyond Thought?

    Welcome...enjoy your stay!
  7. Irishgirl


    Oh! My goodness. Were in the world did she find that?
  8. Irishgirl


    Merry Christmas to you too!
  9. Irishgirl

    Television True Justice - Season 2 On Reelz

    I cannot wait!
  10. Irishgirl

    Steven Seagal Pic Of The Day.

    does this belong here?
  11. Irishgirl

    Schwarzenegger to star in new Conan film.

    I don't know he looks really "plastic" lately....maybe it's just me.
  12. Irishgirl

    Best challenge yet?

    Go for it Orang!
  13. Irishgirl

    What's next for Seagal?

    He sounded like he was really busy at the house. The connection wasn't very good either.
  14. Irishgirl

    Maximum Conviction - reviews

    The second one isn't a bad reveiw...I cannot wait to see it!:D
  15. Irishgirl

    Orangatuang (signing off..)

    I'm so glad to here that you are feeling better. I cannot blog on facebook at work anymore so my comments may be few for a while.
  16. Irishgirl

    Maximum Conviction

    Barbara your too funny!....Liked the clip..
  17. Irishgirl

    I'm BACK!!

    Welcome back .....! :D
  18. Irishgirl

    Gotta See - The Voice versus Steven Seagal Oct 12 on AXS TV

    I cannot wait to see this!
  19. Irishgirl

    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Sorry TD- I get the two of you all mixed up....Good Luck on your test....
  20. Irishgirl

    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Oh Suzi! I am so sorry to hear that you are being bullied, I was bullied as a child and it's not fun. If someone doesn't put him in his place, he'll move onto someone else. It's a shame that the Sensei is not coming to your defense by having a class disussion on the cost and effects of...