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    Television True Justice - Trailer

    anyone news on when this show will air and what TV channel will carry it?
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    Hello...Once again.

    Hello everyone...incase I haven't introduced myself before my name is Steven, I'm from Canada and my wife and I are expecting our first child this month, I have been on and off this site but never really took the time to say hello until now...so once again...hello and keep up the good work on...
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    Seagal dtv or Van Damme dtv.

    I hate to say this but I think in the next few years Seagal wil be known for his music rather than his acting, he seems to enjoy making music and has no energy when it comes to movies, not since Exit Wounds has Steven made a movie that he seemed to have enjoyed doing, I mean come on, in Exit he...
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    Girl It's Alright Video

    It Worked!!!!!...HUZZAH!!!!
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    Orange Advert

    I just downloaded it again and it said it was a corrupted file and could not be completed...
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    Orange Advert

    nothing works on this site no more...i download things and it comes up as being an error or file is empty
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    Girl It's Alright Video

    I am unable to download any file on this site, they don't work or if they do download properly they don't show anything....plz help
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    Movie Files

    your downloads are not working...
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    Cancun ???????

    Pic Of The Day hello, I'm new to this forum, I have been a member for a while but never had the time to write, I do now, I love this site it is the only up to date site out there (sadly) more people should find out about sensei seagal and the things he does (apart from movies) I will try to...
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    Songs From The Crystal Cave : Goree

    is there a way anyone can get me a copy of jealousy...i would love to hear it!!!