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Unofficial Steven Seagal

An evening with Steven Seagal

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Join Action Icon Steven Seagal for an evening in Sydney and Melbourne as he discuss his life & career in depth like never before. We will revisit his classic hits, fight scenes, talk all things martial arts and more. Enjoy rarely seen photos and footage in our career retrospective while he is interviewed on-stage. This fully interactive evening is one not to be missed! Tickets from $69.
Limited Photo Op Tickets also available.
This is a limited event and will sell out.


Movies Film - General Commander (release nov 2018 on 365flix)

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Format: Movie
Writer/Director: Philippe Martinez
Producers: Philippe Martinez
Cast: Steven Seagal

BIG UPDATE regarding General Commander!

Saradan decided to turn General Commander into a film!

They will be releasing both Attrition and General Commander on a new platform that they are launching to release with these two Seagal films mid July .

Southeast Asia is a land of beautiful landscapes, people, culture, spirituality and vibrant cities, but underneath the beautiful veneer lies opposing darkness, grime, prostitution, slavery, drugs, and corrupt officials.

Decorated CIA operative Jake Alexander has dedicated his career to eliminating crime from Southeast Asia out of commitment to his job and love for his new found home. While on a mission to stop a Black Market organ dealer’s organization, Jake loses a vital team member, Zach Stevens, when Stevens...

Exclusive interview with director Mathieu Weschler

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Since filming for Attrition started I have been in close contact with director Mathieu Weschler. A very nice person and I am really thankfull to him that he wanted to do an interview exclusively for our site! He is from France, so he tried to give his best English.

Here we go!

Can you tell something about yourself? How did you become
involved in the movie business?

Hello, I'm Mathieu Weschler, I'm french from old town Bergerac in
Dordogne, 37 years old and living in Paris right now. I've always been
fond of movies, especially Hong Kong when I was kid. My mother,
who is a cinephile, used to bring us a lot to the movie theater so I guess
this passion came from this. I remember in College, I did movies with
my friends, with an old HI-8 camera, that were very bloody. We put
firecrackers on us, directly on shitty shirts, to do blood impact. We
had a lof of fun. I even remember having shot the robin hood
opening in a teddy bear version, for a puppet...

Exclusive interview / chat with Steven Seagal!

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last Saturday 365flix gave me a free pass to join the chat with Steven Seagal. It was awesome to represent our forum! Since there weren't so many users online, Steven answered a lot of my questions. He also knew that I was a representive of this website.
Any way here is the report. A video of the chat will follow later today!
Have fun!

Attrition was directed by Mathieu Weschler. How was it to work with him?

Mr. Weschler was a sensitive and intelligent director, It was very nice working with him. Hes a wonderful director

Can you tell something about your upcoming movie General Commander also to be released by 365flix? What is it about?

General Commander is about me putting together a team that's going to take down criminals and no one knows where we are coming from. Its very modern, very avant guard, very new. I'm excited about it

I think family is one of the...

Attrition dvd and bluray releases

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Here you can post all the dvd and bluray releases of Attrition

Movies 365 Flix Streaming platform

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365Flix is a VOD streaming digital theater platform that brings the Stars to the Fans. Find out more


Attrition and General Commander will be released through this platform.

Music New Video Clip: Boogie Man - Steven Seagal And Emin

Movies Official Attrition Sales Brochure / Synopsis

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Sales trailer for Attrition!

Movies Cartels (killing Salazar) In Theaters/ Vod July 7th

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Action legend Steven Seagal headlines this explosive thriller that pits U.S. forces against an Eastern European drug cartel. When crime boss Salazar turns informant, U.S. Marshal Jensen (Luke Goss, Blade II) and his team must guard their luxury-hotel safe house. But as cartel underboss Sinclaire (UFC fighter Georges St. Pierre) and his hit squads descend to murder Salazar, the situation explodes, enraging Agent Harrison (Seagal), who will stop at nothing to root out the mole that compromised the operation.

Movies Interview With Matthias Titus Paar!!

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Hi everyone,

I did an exclusive interview with the director of The Perfect Weapon, Matthias Titus Paar. Read the result below!!! Thank you Mr. Paar for willing to do this interview for us!!

1. Can you tell something about yourself? How did you become involved in the movie business?
Hey guys, I´m from Sweden, at a young age I started watching the cool 80´s movies with Arnold, Van Dame and Seagal and had a dream of one day doing that myself. At the age of 15 I made my first feature in 1999. Since then I have done about 7 features, 40 short film, probably 500 commercials and tons of music videos. I live and breath film.

2. First you made some movies in Sweden. How did you get involved in the making of The Perfect Weapon?
The short story was that I was involved with the guys Producing The Perfect Weapon a few year before and pushing my own projects. Then I made my Fantasy LEGEND OF DARK RIDER. That was enough for them to bring me to Hollywood and...

Movies Attrition (2017) (release Sept 14)

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ATTRITION (filming in July 2017)

When a Thai girl with mythical powers goes missing, Axe and his old team unite in attempts to bring her back.

Cast: Steven Seagal, Tiger Chen, Louis Fan, Kang Yu
Director: Matthieu Weschler
Producer: Bey Logan


Movies Contract To Kill - Steven Seagal, Russell Wong, Director K. Waxman (finished)

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Feature - Action
Release: December 9 2016 ( VOD and Limited Theatre Release)

Actors: Steven Seagal; Russell Wong; Jemma Dallender
Director: Keoni Waxman

Special Agent John Harmon is called back into action when the CIA stumbles upon evidence that a dangerous group of extremists is planning to join forces with a drug cartel. He assembles a high tech team of operatives and devises a daring operation to turn the two groups against each other in an explosive confrontation.



I had a chat with Keoni Waxman and he confirmed this:

I'm about to start our next Seagal film in about a week. It's set in Mexico and Istanbul and at the moment it's called 'Contract to Kill'. Getting excited about it - Steven's co-star is Russell Wong and we are working with Ron Balicki again so look for some cool knife fights. We've also made a few changes in our approach to the films so I think it'll look very different than EOAG (as well as...

Movies Chinese Salesman - Steven Seagal , Mike Tyson, Janicke Askevold

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1515684738443.png xyfG5KvYZ8Y.jpg

Steven Seagal played his bodyguard

Movies The Asian Connection - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White (completed)

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Director: Daniel Zirilli

Steven Seagal
Michael Jai White
Ron Smoorenburg

Two American expatriates, Jack and Sam, unwittingly steal a drug lord's money when they rob a series of banks in Southeast Asia and become the target of the gang's vengeance. When Sam is killed, Jack turns to the love of his life, Pom, and the couple becomes a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde that takes the fight to the gang.

Spring 2016


Movies End Of A Gun - Steven Seagal, Jade Ewen (completed)

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Director: Keoni Waxman

Steven Seagal
Jade Ewen
Florin Piersic Jr.

Seagal will play an ex-ATF agent who comes across a woman being beaten by her boyfriend in a mall parking lot. He’s forced to kill the assailant and finds himself facing possible criminal charges and an offer from the woman to help her steal $2 million hidden in the trunk of her boyfriend’s car in the police impound lot.

Fall 2016

Just found this, I guess this is new:

Seagal is mentioned on the teaser poster. Also he is listed as an actor if you try it with this link: http://www.cinando.com/DefaultController.aspx?PageId=CastLink&IdP=106989

Maybe this is the big movie they will make later this year?


Movies Perfect Weapon - Steven Seagal, Johnny Messner, Vernon Wells (finished)

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Director: Matthias Titus Paar

Johnny Messner
Steven Seagal
Vernon Wells
Sasha Jackson


In a not too distant future, a totalitarian state secret government organization run by The Director (Steven Seagal) controls all aspects of life. All “enemies of the state” are dealt with in the harshest way and most of them are executed by a secret organization’s operatives and assassins. The best operative is code-named Condor (Johnny Messner) – an elite agent and hit man for the government. However, in his latest assignment he fails to kill an opposition leader and finds himself on the run from the very same government agency that he works for. This sets in motion a chain of events with unforeseen consequences for all involved. CONDOR just might survive the hunt by the all powerful government organization and the betrayals by so-called allies as he is THE PERFECT WEAPON...

Movies Killing Salazar - Steven Seagal, Luke Goss, Georges St Pierre (completed)

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Director: Keoni Waxman

Steven Seagal
Luke Goss
Georges St-Pierre
Martine Argent

An elite team of DEA agents are assigned to protect a dangerous drug lord and take refuge in a luxury hotel while they await extraction. They soon find themselves at the center of an ambush as the drug lord's former associates launch an explosive assault on the hotel.

Spring 2016

Television Lawman Season 3 Release

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Reelz channel has just aqquired all seasons of Lawman including the lost third season. Airing begins in January for the new season.

-Via Reelz

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