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    Watch the whole Seagal Part of the SAT1 Show in Germany

    the whole show was very good but the highlight was Steven.He looks good and this german sounds wonderful.It was fantastic to see him.
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    Steven Seagal Show photos from German TV

    Wow,wonderful thank you for the pics.I must see this show on Saturday,because i want to see and hear Steven .Hope that we will come at the beginning and not at the end ;)
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    Press Conference Photos - Canada (Jan 12, 2007)

    Thank you Suzi.
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    German Seagal Forum

    It is funny.You write a german seagal forum and you came from Switzerland. Your Froum is ok and i like it.Much easier to talk about Steven.
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    Steven Attended Mss. South Asia 2007

    Oh 18 years?!She could be his daughter,to young for him(i think). Erica would be better now!
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    Thanks to Joe...

    It was a very good idea to send a mail to him. And you get back an answer very fast.That's good too.
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    The Perfect Man..

    Thank you,this poem is great. i am happy to have not such a perfect husband ;)
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    Steve Irwin

    I could not watch it on TV ,but the Courier Mail had 8 Videos from the ceremony for downloading.Now i have them and i had to cry too.Bindi was wonderful and you are right Heather,Steve would have been proud of her.I hear her words in my mind! Now i hope that Bindi will make her way as her...
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    Steve Irwin

    thank you hofmae for this news. I hope one of our tv chanel will bring something about Steve.
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    Steve Irwin...

    A MEMORIAL service to celebrate the remarkable life and times of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin will take place at 9am next Wednesday (September 20) at 'The Crocoseum' at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast. Australian iconic vocalist John Williamson, who was Steve Irwin's favourite singer...
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    My second tribute for Steve

    Your second tribute is wonderful.You should post this on the Courier Mail,too. Or send it direct to the Australia Zoo. We should send an e-mail or better a letter to the Australia Zoo and Terri with our names/nicknames. Steve,my sons and I will never forget you.
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    Steve Irwin...

    I don't understand his people,they can not be Fans of Steve Irwin. You are right ,he never would kill any animal,he loved them,respected them and tried to undestand them.You must be very ill,if you think this is the right way to show your respect to Steve. @hofmae No german tv chanel will...
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    Steve Irwin...

    I read the public funeral will be next Tuesday or Wednesday.But i think we won't see anything on TV,it is so sad. @hofmae,sorry i write it in german hast du dein tribute video mal an den Australia Zoo geschickt oder es im Tribute Blog bei dem Courier Mail gepostet? Das Video ist wunderbar...
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    Steve Irwin...

    Thank you hofmae-now i have your tribute to Steve!!! But i can not watch it very long,after some seconds i start to cry.And i think,Bridget are you crazy?Is this normal? My profession made me hard,because we lost patient at the hospital,but this is different.I only can say-i never met him or the...
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    Help us

    Thank you,but i only wanted to help take-sensei.;)