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    The great Seagal compilation

    This guy made a very funny compilation of steven seagal movies. You guys should check it! Chreers!
  2. irimi-nage

    Maximum Conviction Trailer Online

    :cussing: :gun:
  3. irimi-nage

    Seagal in Expendables 3?

    Why didn''t seagal want to join at first?
  4. irimi-nage

    Petition for Seagal in The Expendables 3:

    Please do it steven!
  5. irimi-nage

    Steven Seagal Pic Of The Day.

    If you mean this pic, i dont see anything wrong http://voltagepictures.com/images/%7B204b654a-2f0b-4dbb-a7c1-d29322eccc04%7D/TJ2_featured%20art_%7B29c9e064-d481-4891-0739-cbf0f3c0ce08%7D.jpg
  6. irimi-nage

    Steven Seagal Pic Of The Day.

    Nah, its just the lighting
  7. irimi-nage

    Maximum Conviction

    Thats an USAS-12 Automatic shotgun with drumround A veeery badass weapon! He used it once before in On deadly ground
  8. irimi-nage

    How well do you know Steven Seagal quiz

    I got 120 too :)
  9. irimi-nage


    Allrighty awesome! Can't wait :D
  10. irimi-nage


    Hello, Its been a while since i haven't been on this great forum and i have missed a lot of news of steven.. Actually,.. what is he doing now?, any new movie coming up? Thanks
  11. irimi-nage

    Jimmy Kimmel Show - Interview

    Cool! Has seagal already have been on letterman or ferguson?
  12. irimi-nage

    Steven Seagal is back

    lol no doubt on that:p
  13. irimi-nage

    Steven Seagal is back

    YES! finally im really looking forward to it. but what happened with his ''affaire''
  14. irimi-nage

    Please help, Out for justice soundtrack

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i_9YuPY9ms Is this what your looking for?
  15. irimi-nage

    Type in one thing that Steven Seagal and you have in common?

    I love aikido and i have a ponytail:D