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    Today You Die - Reviews

    First of all, haven´t been posting here for a while, like 8 months or hey all! :D Just watched Today You Die and I say, Man! Thats Stevens best performance since Exit Wounds, really! He looks very healthy and acts just perfect, you can see that he put energy into this film. Very...
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    Into The Sun

    thx Craig! Looks real good to me. The background music is a bit to dramatic thou....
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    Interview with Steven Seagal: July 27, 2004 !!!

    Thx a bounce KCS! Very intresting interview....i would pay for see it live...Steven seems very serious in this one! Great find Suzi!
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    What is the most underrated/overrated Seagal film

    the most underrated i think is The Patriot...... the most overrated in my opinion is Under Siege his best performance hmm.....i would say Exit Wounds
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    Steven lost some weight!

    Nice to see all the oldies again ;) Its good to be back :)
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    Steven lost some weight!

    thx all.. :D yudansha well.....we never beat Czech tonight...they are to good...6-1 right now :/
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    Steven lost some weight!

    Serena Thanks for the link! Tora Nice to see you again :)
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    Steven lost some weight!

    First of all i want to say hello to all of you guys! Havent been here for months :( I watched Out Of Reach last week and iam very pleased with what i saw....nice movie :) The thing i noticed first was Steven (of course) and his body....he seems to lost some weight since his past 3 movies...
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    Steven's letter to Limousine Service in Poland !!

    thx suzi! that was cool :)
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    Belly Of The Beast

    oohh...of course tora ;) the love scene was special too :D
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    Belly Of The Beast

    finally ive seen BOTB, and it was much better than OFAK and TF.....good plot an fight scenes.......good movie :)
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    Belly of the Beast stills

    thank you!! :D
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    A glimpse of what could have been

    thanks gun! cool :)
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    Movies Belly Of The Beast

    welcome to the MB May! enjoy your stay! thanks for the link.....very interesting :)