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    Hi Donald.Glad to meet ya.Yea I stick up for the big guy.It's his life and I just want him to...

    Hi Donald.Glad to meet ya.Yea I stick up for the big guy.It's his life and I just want him to keep making movies for me to enjoy.Women throw themselves at him,so you can't blame him for enjoying what's in front of him.Well take care.
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    Well I believe weather he did it or not it's his buisness and I still am crazy about him.He does strange things like living with that Elle and his daughters mother at the same time.They don't care what he does so I don't either.Let me put it this way I'd give him a massage any time he asked me.lol
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    Congrats to Steven & Elle Seagal

    Thank you for showing me that article.I really appreciate it.I'm one of those who has to see it in writing. LOL I guess I just couldn't believe someone would name a baby that.Thanks again.
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    Congrats to Steven & Elle Seagal

    Until I see the article that he's married and has a baby boy I don't believe it.Who would ever name a sweet baby King Conahn Kahn ? The poor kid will have bullies picking on him all the time.I've been crazy about the big guy since I was 14 years old,that was 14 years ago.But seeing is believing.
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    Happy Birthday..Suzi

    Happy Birthday Suzi.Miss talking to you.
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    Steven Seagal's hottest leading lady?

    Same here.She was beautiful and a good actress.
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    Driven To Kill - Reviews

    Movie was real good.Loved every minute of it.My big guy tore everyone up like he used to.I thought he looked just great.But then I would never think anything else of him.Hope his next movie will be this good.
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    Against The Dark - Reviews

    Sorry but I think that was the worse film I've seen yet.If it wasn't for my Steven being in it,and not that much by the way I would have turned it off.They weren't vampires,they were gorey body eaters.Just looking at Steven kept me watching,but I hope he does better with the next movie.
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    For you Hard Core Loyals

    I agree with irish coleen. I just love everything about him.If the film wasn't to good,it's ok because he was in it.I seen him in person and he looked great. you don't stop caring about someone just because they gained weight or got older.He's the best there is and always will be.Hope he will...
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    Wish list..from steven..

    I would love to spend one night with my big guy.I would remember it always.
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    Seagal love steaks...too much

    Sorry Tigerfeet if I was out of line by saying that.I just meant I like him no matter what he does.Plus I was serious.
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    Seagal love steaks...too much

    don't care if he eats meat or not.That big guy can jump in my bed anytime.
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    Have you meet Mr Seagal?!

    On June 18th 2006 I got to meet and get his autograph at The House of Blues in Chicago Illinois.He is way better looking in person then he is in his photos.He is a big man but that just means theres a lot more to love.HAHA He is very nice and friendly,altho the asian girl who was with him didn't...
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    world tour 2008?

    You stinker Seagal Lover,I thought I would see where he's going to be so I could see my big guy again.Oh well maybe next time you will know. lol