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    "Steven We Love You"(off-topic)

    Hello Bellas: Since the years us we aren’t seeing I remember u with affection and happiness to know you again for here. I love Steven the same as the first time, I’ts hot, affectionate heart encourages me gives me peace invades my thoughts when I’m back of working each day
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    Happy Birthday Mr. Steven Seagal

    I hope you understand me... I don't Know where I have the heart since ago 20th years I put in the Steven smile, he is quite simply a man with an interior beauty, richness of spirit, of peace, but fascination & sensual... GOOD BLESS very very bless from Peru HAPPY B-DAY!!!... in Cuzco he has...
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    "Steven We Love You"(off-topic)

    How happened you B-Day?... I would like to wish Mr Seagal a very Happy Birthday I have to say that our Steven is still such a unique actor today. I wasn't at home My District celebrated this 6 April an Anniversary more... I didn't type but I keep reading all the time. and say good luck...
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    Happy Valentine's Day , Steven...

    In My Thoughts In my thoughts: Steven, Have and enjoy a great Valentine's Day I’m still hoping to meet my favorite man: To you. Sometimes I think it will never happen, but I won’t give up. Happy Valentine's Day!... to all today from Lima-Peru. Patyazul
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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    Hello Susy: I don't care to find the english that I don't speak easy with a little more of practice maybe I can to say better my feeling for Mr Seagal. Steven and me we are intertwined for a spirituality philosophy ... I enjoyed the whole movie Today you die and now I hope for Black Dawn. Thanks...
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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    .When I wish to know about Steven just open my Unofficial Web Site and It's find is too much . I will not type always I don't speak and write English well but him is here in the core of my heart. I'm still here I He will not come to South America Peru maybe never but I will continue dreaming...
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    Birthday Countdown...

    Happy Birthday Steven!!!: and today you enjoy with your family and friends, be one year that it brings you alot well-being I love you, admire and respect by many things that I learn of you ; a kiss and hug from your fan peruvian Patyazul (Patricia)
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    Happy Birthday Craig Robertson!!

    Hi Craig To tell you Happy B-day that God follows us gift with your existence and your with ' infos SS ' Blessings for you and enjoy it with your family, and all those that we love him although it be in spirit Take care Patyazul