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    Attrition dvd and bluray releases

    Any news of a UK release as I missed the chance with the 365 Flix thing as I didn't understand it and was wary.
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    A Single Man (2019) - Steven Seagal (filming)

    A Single Man!? Wow! Always said Big Stevie should broaden his horizons and dip his I'd predict pretty big feet in the RomCom zone.
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    Movies Attrition (2017) (release Sept 14)

    Perfect! I've made the mistake a few years back where I purchased Maximum Conviction without realising it was Region 1 and wasn't able to play it. Been put off buying unless I know for certain ever since. May well give this one a purchase come next pay day once January finally ends. I'm...
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    Movies Attrition (2017) (release Sept 14)

    Apologies if this has already been confirmed or not. I'm a bit confused with the whole 365flix thing. Is the DVD available for purchase here in the UK?