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    Seagal Meets Okinawa Karate Master

    Interesting video, It is too bad that there wasn't translation available. Does anyone know who the Japanese instructor is? Was this filmed as part of a documentary ?
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    Steven Seagal Mulling Political Run!

    At least he recognizes the open border travesty that current occupier of the White House and the former one failed to address.
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    gov't shutdown

    You Think? (sarcasm intended) :) And A new Congress. Author Peter Schweizer came out with a book titled :"Throw them all Out". Very appropriate. Maybe they should live as the "regular" folk they claim they represent: reduce the salary to "regular" wage, about 40,000 a year, not be privy...
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    The Grandmaster

    I saw the trailer for the recently released movie championed by Martin Scorsese, The Grandmaster. It stars Tony Leung, Ziyi Zhang, Cung Lee. It is yet anoother story based on Wing Chun Master Yip Man. I normallydon't like all the "wirework" often presented with current martial arts films but it...
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    I was thinking about this post after watching a video where Seagal called Gene Labelle a D*****bag. Hardly the words a "buddhist follower" would utilize when regarding a fellow human being. Not pleasant to hear and very disappointing. A lot of respect has been lost and I feel is indicative in...
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    Started Karate last night.

    Please share with us how your introduction to karate has progressed from your introduction back in Nov of 2012.
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    gov't shutdown

    I was under the impression that a gov't shutdown meant a total closing of all but the most essential agencies. Today, I learned that only 13% of the government is actually not operating!? This is hardly the apocalyptic event facing mankind as depicted in the media. It was interesting to...
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    Chuck VS Steven: A Better Comparison?

    Also, one fought in tournaments, the other never fought anyone.
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    Russian Martial Arts Demonstration

    Interesting demo. I think that the translation could have been better, There seemed confusion over certain points Seagal was making.
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    The Way I see Things ( Opinions & back ground info)

    Ahh, but who will be armed with the plastic spatuala and who wil get the fly-swatter? Hmmmmm
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    The Way I see Things ( Opinions & back ground info)

    Constitution Day Hello: An acquaintance of my brought to my attention an article that he read regarding our Constitution. Apparently, there is stipulation that was passed by Congress a few years which stated that any grade schools and colleges that recieve money from the Federal Government must...
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    The Way I see Things ( Opinions & back ground info)

    Hello: I enjoyed reading your bio and I think this separate thread is a nice way to expound on a lot of non related martial art topics. Very nice contribution on this site Mr Watts! Now lets see what we can do on the other thread to arange the Rod**** vs Woods "no holds barred fight" :)
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    How effective would aikido be in a cage or ring?

    There are some interesting observations in your post regarding the understanding and exploitation of the attack. The training under different rules of engagement is an excellent point. I believe that a practitioner, regardless of his style, will react the same way in a street fight as he had...
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    How effective would aikido be in a cage or ring?

    I don't know if it would be that easy to do as you suggested in your post but I agree with Clement300: please don't end of snapping your little brother's arm or neck! (joke)
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    How effective would aikido be in a cage or ring?

    To Donald Lee Wilkey: Can you tell me from what event was the photo of Clint Eastwood and Steven Segal taken?