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    Missed Times.

    You might blame Seagal... In a funny way, you might blame Seagal for that LittleD. I stopped coming back because he was disappointing me with his films, and I had little motivation to come and discuss them
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    Movies Today You Die Trailer

    I have a strong suspicison... This movie was intended to go to theatres at some point. It looks a lot more professional than anything like OFAK or Into the Sun. Seagal is looking good, at least, as good as he has in the past few years. Judging by the quality of the trailer, the music used, and...
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    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

    You are not alone. "Today You Die" looked good. It's a shame he has let himself go this far.
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    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

    It should be a felony.
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    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

    Because "EW" had style... If I remember correctly, Tom Arnold was on Howard Stern around the time "Exit Wounds" came out. Arnold claimed Seagal was always showing up late, acting rude and having his entourage run wild on the set (similiar to the charges against him by NU Image) Howard Stern...
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    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

    As long as there are fans who are willing to pay 19.99.. he will continue to make movies. The issue for me, (and why I no longer support the movies Seagal makes) is that he is not showcasing his talent. The lawsuit isn't a big deal. When people who are not familiar with law (my family has a lot...
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    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

    This is exactly why I am boycotting his new films... I just read this news. It seems he doesn't care about his movies. He doesn't care about his fans. I refuse to give money for him to make movies that are no good, and exploit the fans for his own enjoyment. I am done with Seagal, and so are...
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    Submerged - review

    The Reviews don't seem too bad, thanks for the opinions guys I might buy this used in a few months, if it gets cheap enough. However, I refuse to buy any more new Seagal movies until he starts putting forth effort so we the fans can see a dramatic increase. It took a lot of willpower to walk...
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    Into The Sun Reviews

    Hey Guys, thought i'd drop in It's been awhile since I posted on this forum. Frankly, the reason was because I was starting to get disappointed with the amount of effort Seagal was putting into his movies. I completely lost interest in Seagal for a couple of months, and still do not consider...
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    Britney Spears

    How could things get so messed up, this place used to be awesome I think a mod or administration should ban you on priniciple. I am saddened to see what has happened to this forum.
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    To those who think I'm a moron...

    Final Thought Tora- I never called you a moron. And I am sorry I said you werent funny, there are times you can be, but then sometimes... I dunno. I was just surprised at the way you commented on Littledragon/bbryant's posts. I have had a very turbulent life myself, and I can't say I find...
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    Steven Seagal and Mid-Autumn Nights Dream !!

    Good photos. He actually looks a lot better than he did in BOTB. Lol, for once i am the only thinking he is looking good. At least no weird hairstyles, and his leather coat is pretty cool too.
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    My English Web Site !!

    I really like it alot Suzi. Good Job! I like the background music especially :D
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    Old fan, new member logging in

    Great! Have fun in the US. As far as I know, there are no Seagal movies coming to theatres for the rest of the year, although his newest "Into the Sun", was rumored to be released in December a few days ago. I assume you have heard all about his upcoming horror film (Submerged) and the future...