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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    I work about 5 miles from Seattle, and I haven't heard a word on Seagal filming here. I imagine, like nearly everything set in Seattle, they film overhead and use stock footage for Seattle and do all production in Vancouver.
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    Pistol Whipped - Reviews

    I just bought "Pistol Whipped" from Wal Mart and just finished watching it. And let me tell you, I just went through a Steven Seagal phase and bought 15 of his DVDs in the last month at various stores. I've always liked his movies and have owned a handful of his DVDs since I was in High School...
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    Movies Flight Of Fury - 20th February 2007

    I just got "Flight of Fury" on DVD last week when I was on vacation in Seaside, OR and I popped it in the minute I got home and I grew up on Iron Eagle and I knew right off the bat they had spliced Iron Eagle footage in. Watch the screens closely and you'll see when the F-16 "locks" on the...