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    Movies Attrition (2017) (release Sept 14)

    Haven’t posted in years but I just watched Attrition and by god it’s definitely a good movie His best since at least Into the sun or possibly even since exist wounds Proper good martial arts movie where he acted, had a real character, good lighting, and no voice doubling or obvious body doubles...
  2. TheDean!

    A little idea: Under Siege 3 directed by Roel Reiné

    Two things. First, an us3 with a new lead is a terrible idea. Id rather have no US3 than one where Casey ryback isn't tge star. second, why is everyone always going on about risk reins? Sure pistol whipped was good, but into the sun was the best film on the direct to DVD era by far.
  3. TheDean!

    STALLONE calling SEAGAL ..

    why is anyone surprised? If he takes ti that's great. If nto we'll all be pissed off. But not surprised surely? Seagal has ALWAYS doe his own thign and not gave a fuck what anyone wanted from him. That's just his way.
  4. TheDean!

    Interview - Under Siege 3, The Expendables 3...!!!

    I'd liek Andrew Davis to direct
  5. TheDean!

    Gutshot Straight (2013)

    ok, i got us a final answer on this. I asked on the Gunshot Straight official facebook pg if Seagal is in it and they said Gutshot StraightYes. He is In it. Check out IMDB !
  6. TheDean!

    STALLONE calling SEAGAL ..

    Hey, don't get me wrong. I really REALLY want Seagal to be in this. He should've been a lead in all three. I just think it's a wee bit of an exaggeration to say he's "definitely" in. I don't want us all to get too excited in case we end up being disappointed.
  7. TheDean!

    STALLONE calling SEAGAL ..

    slow the f*ck down. Don't tell me what to do mate. Here's the deal: IF THE PART FITS. There is still a chance Seagal will say no. He turned down the first one after all. He might easily change his mind even if he did say he'd do it. Seagal has a history of prohjects not comign to fruition
  8. TheDean!

    STALLONE calling SEAGAL ..

    Whilst y'all are gettin' me very excited, there is always the possibility that Stallone phoned up Seagal, and Seagal just said no. He doesn't want to do it, like the last two times. Plus there's atill the issue with Avi Lerner i'm guessign
  9. TheDean!

    A Decade in DTV

    I think it's the only film of his that i only saw once or twice and never wanted to see ti again. It did nothing for me.
  10. TheDean!

    Steven Seagal to be the next James Bond?

    what a load of rubbish! how on earth could Seagal be James Bond?
  11. TheDean!

    What's next for Seagal?

    Really hope there's no TJ 3. I enjoyed the first series and was looking forwarrd to the second. Watched a couple of episodes of Series 2 and gave up, didn't like it at all. Def don't need a series 3
  12. TheDean!

    Steven Seagal Visits Russia On The Invite Of Vladimir Putin

    the reason his weight is an issue is because he's just too heavy and slow. He barely moves around in his fight scenes because he's too heavy. Look at oen his his latest fights, where he waves his arms around and we guy just falls over, and all we see is super-close-ups. And look at one of his...
  13. TheDean!

    Boycott SEAGAL!!

    It should be easy to get the ideas to Seagal, don't some of you have contact with Lauro Chartrand, Joe Halpin, Voltage?
  14. TheDean!

    Steven Seagal Visits Russia On The Invite Of Vladimir Putin

    still not exactly Nico Toscani thoguh is he?
  15. TheDean!

    Name a *good* thing about your *least favorite* Seagal movie

    Attack Force is also my least favourite. It has NO redeemign features at all. It isn't even so bad it's good/funny, it's just plain bad in all the ways.