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    Bounty - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White

    Good to know. Hopefully all involved put in 100% on this.
  2. theeverlasting

    Steven's Current Location

    I'm not been funny, but Seagal's face just gets more and more of an odd shape as time goes on. I swear he needs to just go for a different look, I reckon even a full-on beard look would suit him, but stop dying it jet black sensei, it's got to now.
  3. theeverlasting

    Stories about Seagal (from director's , co-stars....)

    Yeah, reading up on good or positive stories or reports seems to be a rare thing. I hope we just hear something from the man himself, he's been silent for a long time now, no video updates, no photos, nothing :(
  4. theeverlasting

    Stories about Seagal (from director's , co-stars....)

    Interesting to listen to that little segment, said what we all know how the movie industry works like just thinking about the money and Seagal, well, just being himself and wanting what he wants haha.
  5. theeverlasting

    Steven's Current Location

    Nice to see him in a recent photo doing something. He wears some odd looking dressing gown stuff these days, he must roast in the things! I guess it's to hide his size but it really does nothing whatsoever. I kind of was hoping this last 3/4/5 months since we've been locked down and limited, he...
  6. theeverlasting

    The Foreigner (now on Digital)

    Yeah I re-watched this earlier this year on dvd and it's not too bad overall, they did make an effort and there's some decent production values at times, it just needed a bit more focus and effort to make it a really good Seagal movie. I don't ever expect Seagal to make movies anywhere close to...
  7. theeverlasting

    Saturday Night Live: Steven Seagal

    I watched the SNL sketches earlier this year I think, someone on here kindly sent me a link. Man, they're pretty awkward to watch at times and you can hear a pin drop at others! Still, got to laugh at them!
  8. theeverlasting

    Bounty - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White

    I'd love, as I'm sure most people would, for Seagal to have a different look. Wear a wig so his hair is different, lose the died goatie and glasses, really do something different and push out the boat. Come on sensei, you can do it! Hopefully the budget isn't the same as a sack of potatoes and...
  9. theeverlasting

    Bounty - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White

    Good news that we have a Seagal movie to shoot this year then! Hope it's somewhat different for him and he doesn't just sleepwalk through the role, he needs to raise his voice a bit so you can hear him!
  10. theeverlasting

    Attrition - reviews

    This movie is hard to find anywhere, it's almost like a 'lost' film, plus barely anyone knows about it. Shame. It's got major flaws, but it's certainly better than most things he appears in these days.
  11. theeverlasting

    Charlize Theron insulted Seagal

    She's just slagging Seagal off to make waves and draw attention to herself in a desperate attempt of vanity. To hell with her and her pointless remarks about sensei.
  12. theeverlasting

    Primary Target - Steven Seagal, Michael Madsen, L. Mandylor, Scott Adkins

    Wow if this will be the next 'quality' of a Seagal movie then call it quits. That was awfully put together and looked like it was filmed on a mobile phone, seemed like an episode of a lame TV soap. Anyway. I hope Seagal is doing something worthwhile behind the scenes while he's been off the...
  13. theeverlasting

    Primary Target - Steven Seagal, Michael Madsen, L. Mandylor, Scott Adkins

    Who makes these 'posters'? haha, is it someone just having a laugh? Decent cast though. We need Seagal to do a Q&A video and let us know his plans...
  14. theeverlasting

    The Keeper - Reviews

    I watched The Keeper again last week on dvd, I think it's one of his better movies to be honest. Can't believe it's 11 years old already!
  15. theeverlasting

    The Swordsman

    Hope we can get an update from Seagal himself on what his plans are for the future.