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    Today You Die - Reviews

    I must admit, I didn't really think too hard about that mystery haha
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    Today You Die - Reviews

    The little girl was at the children's hospital you're right, but why she needed special attention from Seagal is unclear. His wife told him it's her she's seen in her dreams? Why is she more special then the other kids? The girl unsurprisingly has grown up to to be a "hottie," busy actress too...
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    Today You Die - Reviews

    Just saw this for the first time. I'm pretty easy to please but this one was a disappointment. Seagal seems like he's having fun and has a few good lines, but after a promising beginning it gets somewhat dull (I'm talking once he gets to the prison). I'm still clueless about how the little...
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    General Commander - reviews

    Shame it wasn't a series, it was a pleasant watch. I liked the catholic girl and her family, it's a shame that part of the story vanished. I didn't realise it was meant to be a mini-series but you can't particularly tell, as even in standalone movies there can be plot or character threads that...
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    Happy Birthday Steven Seagal.

    He's just put a video on his facebook with birthday video messages from "all around the world" but all but two are from Australia and most of those are from my city of Melbourne. Still basking in the glow of his visit here (which my wife didn't let me go to) last year.
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    10 things only happen in his movies (positive article)

    This link will probably appeal to you also: https://screenrant.com/brutal-steven-seagal-kills-movies/
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    Force Of Execution - Reviews

    Just finished this one - a nice ensemble piece, and Steven is a convincing head gangster. He's done this type of role a few times since, so he obviously likes it too. I also enjoyed the changes in the Hurst character from irresistible force to moping around with the vodka bottle and accepting...
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    Against The Dark - Reviews

    Just watched this tonight and it was pleasant enough. Naturally I went in with lowish expectations. I didn't mind the characters and it had a little tension. Steven had a bit more to do in the second half. The "making of" on the DVD was a nice surprise, but of course it revolves primarily around...
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    I'm new in here and its my birthday today

    Message-boards like this have been lessening in popularity or several years however, regardless of Big Steve's personal popularity. Facebook seems to be cited as the main reason. Personally I like message-boards, so thanks for keeping this one going!
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    Pistol Whipped - Reviews

    Lydia Grace Jordan (playing Seagal's daughter) seems to have fond enough memories of being the film... On her website there's a shot of her behind the scenes with Steve and the actress playing her mother. https://www.lydiagracejordan.com/behind-the-scenes
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    I'm new in here and its my birthday today

    Welcome, I'm new here too. Only discovered Seagal last year, late to the scene. There's not a great deal happening around here that I've seen, but I'm enjoying going back into the archives and looking up people's thoughts on his films as I view them all for the first time. Just finished "Pistol...
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    Seagal 'bullies' Flight of Fury actress into doing nude scene

    He was probably surprised, as many are happy to "show their tits" and more, to get into film-work. Good on her for standing up to them to that extent. Just watched the movie now for the first time. It's not a triumph, unsurprisingly. She's certainly a lovely looking girl and it seems she's gone...
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    Attrition dvd and bluray releases

    Seems unavailable in any format in Australia, which is a shame. And the U.S blu ray had a very short print run, it looks like.