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Just watched the movie last night and thought it was okay but it could have been a little better. There are definitely positives in this movie, first off this movie has fantastic production values. The locations are great, the direction is slick, and it feels like it could be on the big screen visually. The problem is the movie just doesn't flow well. After the first shootout Seagal and his team spend way too long mourning the death of one of there teammates that we barely even know or care about. Also his team does a little too much in the action department, I wanted Seagal to kill more baddies. I liked his fight in the parking garage it was quick but brutal and Seagal did most of the fight. This film uses a lot of practical blood squibs and stab wounds that look really good, there is a few uses of cgi but its kept to a minimum and not to distracting. The finale was fun but the end fight was way too short. I know this was originally a pilot for a tv show but true justice had longer fights so I think that was a missed opportunity. Seagal gives a fine performance and I hope that he finally starts putting more effort in his future projects. Overall this is an okay watch but it would have been much better if Seagal had a bigger body count and the pacing was tighter.


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Shame it wasn't a series, it was a pleasant watch. I liked the catholic girl and her family, it's a shame that part of the story vanished.
I didn't realise it was meant to be a mini-series but you can't particularly tell, as even in standalone movies there can be plot or character threads that don't reach any sort of conclusion.

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Thought it was a bit blah.

Seagal as usual was really all it had going for it, and it smacked of a TV series which had been squashed into a feature.

The opening title music was weird and out of place and the end fight was too short.

Didn't buy the blonde lady's character at all who is constantly trying to show authority over the team when all they ever seem to do is tell her to shove it.

Felt it overdid it with the grieving over a team member's death we didn't really care about.

The British guy from The Asian Connection was okay and a couple of action moments were lively.

Forrest Taft

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The problem with General Commander is it apparently started out as a TV series and what was filmed became a movie. And that’s just what it looks like - a TV episode. Hardly any fights, uninvolving characters, too much drama when we didn’t even get to know the guy who died. Even the opening music sounds like a CSI episode intro. The locales were nice-looking but the film just felt like it went nowhere.