out for a kill thoughts ??

dane dark

New Member
i have never been a fan of this movie, but i bought the blu ray the other day, it had a nice 20 minute making of on it too that was nice to see, there was a part in the documentary where the director says the movie is his homage to hong kong action cinema, so when i rewatched the movie for the first time in years, and with that mindset, i took the movie for what it was, and ive gotta say if tht was the directors intention he didnt fail, it comes across very much like a homage to hong kong action, but still i personally dont like the movie much, its still a frustrating watch, as there is some genuinley good stuff in this, there is a nice energy to the action scenes, and there is some nice stylish choices that look good, but the movie is ruined by poor special effects, terrible over dubbing and is a tad too fast paced, the movie gives you no time to breathe, the fight scene with the 2 monks in the funeral parlour though is brilliant stuff and very well done, although i still dont love it, im glad i gave out for a kill a revisit, and im glad to have the blu ray regardless, ive got submerged on blu ray coming in the post so that will be my next revisit.