Steven Seagal Had a Real-Life Mafia Encounter


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There´s a lot of talking about Seagal. You shouldn´t believe everything what is written about Seagal.

Seagal had an encounter with the mafia and he constantly wore a gun at the time when he was filming "Fire Down Below".

The biggest lie about Seagal is that the stunt community and Gene LeBell said that Seagal was choked out by LeBell on the "Out for Justice" movie set and even shit in his pants.

I´ve never believed that crazy story because firstly, every big star has bodyguards and secondly, a big movie studio like Warner Bros. would never allow that to happen.

Last year Steven Lambert wrote a book and admitted that the whole stunt community and LeBell lied on the whole thing. Lambert was one of four guys who really saw what happened on that particular day.

That´s a proof that you shouldn´t believe in every story regarding Seagal.
i always thought that from 1993 bjj gracie has setted a big marketing on bjj for making the only martial art.."only bjj works" "in 93 we see what works and what doesn t work" and similar phrases..
gene was a part of this operation..just one thing again:why cameramen on gracie challenge usin hi8 or vhs system?i was 2010..and if you use hi8 in 2010 you make a fraud(d y see? even in 80' bjj was the only martial art)
gene the only shit is in your head