Thoughts on Brandon Lee

j mclane

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Was supprised to se Sky playing Rapid Fire last night as i hadnt seen it for ages.

It's such a shame that he died at such an early age, as I feel he had the potential to become one of the biggest Martial arts/action stars ever.

He could act, and fight, he had the looks (for the ladies), it's just such a shame he died in the accident on the set of the Crow.

At least he left us with a couple of good movies to remember him by, but i feel that we would have seen some great movies had he lived.


I think he had some good fight choreography in his films although i didn't feel such an emotional impact with him. This is not even in comparrison to Bruce Lee. I think Brandon was talented and definitely had a lot to offer. Much more than anything Seagal has offered us lately, quite unfortunately.