Yes, Another Newbie!


Hi, all. Just wanted to introduce myself as a long-time fan of Steven Seagal. I have followed his career – both the ups and downs – almost since the beginning. But during the last 4-5 years, due to a variety of family/personal/work issues and lack of much free time, I wasn’t able to keep up with him much. On recently surfing the internet to get some updated info on him, I came across this amazing site. I have never seen so much info in one spot on anyone before.

I haven’t been part of a forum in a lot of years, but at one time was an administrator/mod of an old, now extinct, website for quite a while. That being said, I have a general idea of how “newbies” are looked at by the established group. :rolleyes::D Some don’t mind helping out and answering some questions, while others sort of roll their eyes and say things like “OMG, not THAT question again!! Go read it somewhere in the forum!” :gun: LOL So, my questions for trying to catch up on him are aimed at that first group. :D

By the way, congrats to the admins and mods who have obviously given all of Steven’s fans a seemingly unlimited supply of info on him, while at the same time managing to keep this site a troll-free zone. But, after having read quite a few threads and topics here already, it seems you FANS have done the most incredible job of contributing continuous, up-to-date news and info. You all have done an AMAZING job!!

Glad to be here! :)
BTW, great smilies! LOL


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Welcome to the site.

Lots of fans here that keep feeding and finding loads of info on Seagal (and others) and post it on this forum.

Enjoy the site.



Thanks, Kotegashi!
Wish I could say I will contribute some things myself, but no way will I be able to beat these guys around here! LOL

Thanks to you too, Clement3000!

And thank YOU, Craig, for your assistance! :)