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    Lawman - Season 3 release on DVD?

    That is a good won't air here in US till Jan 2014...hopefully it will be available to watch online after it starts airing thru the Reelz website....
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    Steven Seagal Week on AMC

    Here is a quiz that AMC has :
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    Boycott SEAGAL!!

    Some Cable providers wont pick up the Reelz channel, I had to switch to a satellite dish service to be able to see True Justice at's not up to's up to the television service provider powers that be what channels they offer... I know Cox cable, (provider I once had) STILL...
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    Steven Seagal Week on AMC Has the movie listings for next few days :)
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    Steven Seagal Gives Speech On Border Security
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    Interview / Updates Keoni Waxman!

    It's all good....the vibe here used to be so friendly...not so much anymore
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    I just wanted to say hello.

    We have a lot of fun
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    Seagal's Worst...

    Attack Force. Hands Down!!
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    Interview / Updates Keoni Waxman!

    Josh...just break up with Steven already...I have said it before, and I will say it again...You sound like a disgruntled significant other in your criticisms of Steven...either you like him, or you don't. No one is making you like him.
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    STALLONE calling SEAGAL ..

    Why do we think he is NOT going to be in it?
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    Boycott SEAGAL!!

    I agree ben85. I agree. My response was in regards to this notion of a "boycott". I have never said nor claimed that Steven Seagal could "do no wrong"....I have been on this forum going off about voice overs and shaky camera migraine/seizure inducing camera shots...just to name a couple of...
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    Boycott SEAGAL!!

    Speaking as someone who got to meet him last summer, reading all of this makes me feel so glad the two people who REALLY cared and REALLY do like Steven were the ones chosen to meet him. I know there are other fans like myself that were just as deserving of the opportunity. Bottom line is...
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    New Seagal Pic's!!!

    LOVE the goatee :)
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    Bullet To The Head - Sylvester Stallone

    Does anyone else find it strange that Sly is fighting, martial arts style...with a man that resembles an early 1990's Seagal?
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    Merry Christmas everyone....and have an Amazing New Year