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    Seagal done making movies??

    Considering the current state of the film industry for DTV type movies, his age, and lessening popularity I have serious doubts Seagal will make any more films. He seems content living overseas in at least semi-retirement. Could be the end of the line.....:eek:
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    The Tip of the Spear

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    out for a kill thoughts ??

    Love the Richard Harrison ninja cameo..... :D
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    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    Love reading about the grubby day to day business of movie making on the fringes. You can't make this stuff up:D Thanks for posting.
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    Operation Seawolf - Dolph Lundgren

    I enjoyed Kindergarten Cop 2 - nice to see him in something different. :)
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    Operation Seawolf - Dolph Lundgren

    Cool cat!:eek:
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    Attrition - reviews

    I share your disdain for CGI blood. Squibs can't be more expensive than CGI effects.:confused:
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    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    Agree completely. For me, Urban Justice is the best Seagal film since his early theatrical release days. :cool:
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    Black Dawn - Reviews

    I have also found that, given some time and space from viewing upon initial release, I enjoy a film more. Perhaps without the burden of expectations coloring a first viewing, one can simply relax and take the film for what it is. For the record, I enjoyed Black Dawn when I first saw it; and...
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    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    Great interview. Thanks for making it happen. When a director and the star can get along, it usually bodes well for the end product. If either simply tries to impose their will on the production to the exclusion of others, the film will suffer. I really liked The Foreigner (especially...
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    The Foreigner (now on Digital)

    Thanks again for another great interview. Looking forward to it:cool:
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    New movie The Legend of Johnny Jones

    At last, some movie news!!!!:D
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    New movie The Legend of Johnny Jones

    At this point in time, I'd like to see him in any movie :cool: I understand things have stopped and slowed this year, but all we've seen so far is several potential possibilities - I'd like to see not just a confirmation, but an actual start to a production.
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    URBAN JUSTICE hits Blu-Ray (in Germany)

    The first cover was used for certain in the UK (titled RENEGATE JUSTICE), and the second was used in the US and both have probably been used in other territories as well. I like both of them. Have not seen the third cover before but have always been partial to illustrated movie posters. It...