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    Catladys Father

    Thank you for your thought and prayers, they mean alot to to me. Will still be sometime before I get back again, working alot of over time at work again for the summer. I miss you all. Cheri
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    Hi Storm, Very nice hun,thank you. Welcome back Mariii.. Well thats all I have time for now,be back when I can. Take care everyone. To any new members I missed, welcome to the board. Craig great job on the board, looks great. I will think of you all while I am at work...
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    Just Joined

    Hi Littledragon and Stevie, Welcome to the board
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    I'm Back!

    Welcome back Michelle
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    Steven Seagal

    Victoria, Hi and welcome to the board
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    hi, i'm new!!!!!

    Hi Brit, Welcome to the board
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    Happy Belated Birthday to all of you I missed
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    Merry Christmas To All !!

    Wishing you all A very Merry Christmas. Have a safe and fun holiday. Love and miss you all.
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    Just had a chance to drop in to say hi to you all. Still have alot going on (work and health wise) and havn't had the time to come to the board. Miss you all. Happy Birthday to all of you I missed.
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    happy birthday chief rhyback

    Happy Birhday Chief Rhyback
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    Happy Birthday Graig

    Happy Birthday Graig
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    A new guy says Hi!

    Welcome to the board Benn
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    To all I missed Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry, the fever is back and I just can't go back to say happy birthday to each of you on your birthday posts.
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    Thank you everyone. Feeling a little bit better. My 50 hours a week have been cut back now so I should be here more. Missed you all and will be back in a few days.
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    Happy Birthday, Storm!

    Happy Belated Birthday Storm