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    out for a kill thoughts ??

    perfectly sums it up ha ha
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    out for a kill thoughts ??

    i look forward to checkin that out.
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    out for a kill thoughts ??

    i have never been a fan of this movie, but i bought the blu ray the other day, it had a nice 20 minute making of on it too that was nice to see, there was a part in the documentary where the director says the movie is his homage to hong kong action cinema, so when i rewatched the movie for the...
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    The Patriot (now on Blu-ray!)

    bought this the other day, just waiting on it to come in the post, ive always enjoyed this movie.
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    10 things only happen in his movies (positive article)

    I know exactly what you mean ha ha
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    It's the dog in me

    It's the dog in me
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    Top 10 steven seagal dtv movies.

    Hi guys I'm new here, and as a huge fan of Steven seagal I was just wondering what people would consider his 10 best dtv movies, now I know he's made some stinkers but I feel he has made some pretty solid stuff also in these later years, well here is my top 10 and I look forward to seeing yours...