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    Steven Seagal now official Russian envoy

    Seagal should renounce his American citizenship. He has a Russian passport and is working for the Russian Government. His loyalty is obviously there. As for his film career and reputation those went down the toilet years ago.
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    Seagal's Worst...

    Attack Force was terrible with half of Seagal's dialogue dubbed by someone who didn't sound like him. Kill Switch had an incomprehensible ending.
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    Sexual Allegations against Seagal

    There are many reasons why these women did not report anything at he time. Seagal was powerful and they were not . In a dispute with Seagal about what happened he had money, prestige and a loyal fan base to support him. They did not and obviously many would not believe them. Now the times have...
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    The Expendables 4.

    I think it's very remote that Seagal would ever do an Expendables film. I offer the following reasons: 1. His ego is such that he has become both lazy and difficult to work with. 2. He is hopelessly out of shape and his overall appearance is bizarre.. 3. He has too many enemies in Hollywood...
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    Attack Suite Johnny Messner From The Perfect Weapon

    I just finished watching this film. Is it a good film? By what standard are you going by? Overall it is a grade Z movie, but by Seagal standards it's typical. Seagal had got to be the laziest actor in the world. Seagal's costume looks like he just came off the street in his regular clothes ...
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    Steven's Current Location

    I have been a Seagal fan for many years, but his bizarre appearance, behaviour and sexual allegations from numerous sources have eroded my respect for him. He claims to be Buddist yet has an all consuming giant ego and supports dictators who are responsible for the deaths of thousands. For me...
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    Steven's Current Location

    He looks and acts so bizarre. Don't think he's lost much weight, but his ego had always been bigger than his girth.
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    News About Model Arissa Lebrock (seagal's Daughter).

    Lol. Funny but true. The years have not been kind to Kelly.
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    What Do You Think Seagal Could And Should Improve In Terms Of His Movie Making???

    He needs to lose a heap of weight and get rid of that walrus moustache. Further he needs to care about what he's doing and not focus on merely making a fast buck. Finally he needs to trim down his over inflated ego and consider quality films and not the schlock stuff he's doing.
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    Hi All, A Good Man is not a bad film, but then again, it is not a good one either. There are things to like about this movie. Keonie Waxman obviously kept The editor in check and the camera man from doing the stop start editing techniques used in other Seagal films that look like poorly...
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    Force of Execution

    Force of Execution was released here in Australia several weeks ago and shouldn't have bothered. Every time I think a Seagal film can't get worse he proves me wrong. His persona is getting progressively more bizarre with his jet black hair, bulbous nose, pnderous movements and friendship with...
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    Steven Seagal would have been perfect for "Taken" movies

    If only Seagal would shed those extra pounds he could play a wider range of roles. Age is against him, but those extra pounds may prove the death of him artistically and healthwise.
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    A Decade in DTV

    If that's the best you can come up with as an insult JoshStern I will happily enrol you in Abuse 101 by correspondance.
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    STALLONE calling SEAGAL ..

    If Stallone actually called Seagal he dialled a wrong number.
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    Steven Seagal to be the next James Bond?

    Seagal as Bond? A more appropriate role would be Jabba the Hutt in a remake of the Star Wars Triology.