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    Fast And Furious 7 (tv Spot 2)..

    Fantastic love the clip and i will be getting it when it comes out due out in april in the states if i can understand correctly then soon in australia i will have the whole collection thus far ...:)

    Submerged 2

    In an few weeks all going well iam going to have an crack at wriiting an SUBMERGED 2 how it will go is any ones guess ..hopefully it will be ok... just saying its going to be out of this world thats the spoiler will be an challenge but i like them....

    R.i.p. Darren Shahlavi

    Sorry to hear of his passing he played an excellent bad guy and he was so lucky to have met alot of excellent actors ...

    The Mercenary: Аbsolution (2014)

    Just what i want to hear some good old bone crunching, kick ass , blow things up sort of guy ..thats our Steven !!!

    Jezebel-dark Angel...(next Story)

    And there is nothing worse then an woman on the warpath she didnt need any male to tell her what to do and when to do it she had her own brain and it was always ticking over and wanted to teach this Charley an lesson he soon wont forget and not even Clay is going to stop her as she would sort...

    Seagal Will Train Daniel Cormier 2 Days Before His Fight Against Jon Jones

    fat lot of good the training did that guy lost oh well thats life...cant win them all

    Jezebel-dark Angel...(next Story)

    Charley was never one to play fair he always used people as an bargaining chip and Jezebel would be this bargaining chip she just didnt know that as Charley had an couple of his hoodlums to go and persuade her to do the right thing if there has to be abit of force then so be it but he should...

    Happy Holidays!

    Happy New Year to all ..x

    Jezebel-dark Angel...(next Story)

    Ok the end of this one starts NOW!!! This was an long time coming and there was just one way you had to play this game and that was dirty as Charley was planning that and if he lost all his team well bad luck they were of no value really as they were all criminals and he had no intention of...

    Jezebel-dark Angel...(next Story)

    Be back after xmas to finish this story off ..hopefully an very important person in stevens life will give me the go ahead to incude that person in my next story yes there will another whom am i :p kidding i have got the i know how steven and joe must feel when there creavitive juices...

    Jezebel-dark Angel...(next Story)

    What chance did these country cops have against an mad man and his team none really cause they were out numbered to start with he just wanted to get as many town folk dead or hurt to get Clay to stop messing around nad come out to fight and get teh job done as Charley wants to head to the next...

    Jezebel-dark Angel...(next Story)

    Soon more trouble was coming Jezebel's way in the form of Clays ex she was an bitch from hell and in her eyes it wasnt over till she said it was over and iam sure Clay wanted that like an hole in the head ..the reason he left her is because she just cant NO for an answer and they had some real...

    Jezebel-dark Angel...(next Story)

    Jealousy can ruin ones life for good as people find out cause Clays ex was coming to town cause she got word he was here and she has some unfinished business with him..funny Clay thought that his relaionship with this woman and he says that loosely was done she was the one whom screwed anything...

    New Project (2015): Seagal Signs For Aldamisa's "cypher"

    Wasnt there another movie? is that done yet? thinks its called Mecenary: Absolution ... just nothing on IMDB about both movies YET ...

    Jezebel-dark Angel...(next Story)

    Ok enough teasing Clay and Charley are warriors from Jezebel's kind they males have wings and horns well the big kahuna warriors do ..and Clay and Charley are just that ....and its just going to make it very interesting when the shit hits the fan cause even Jezebel dont know that they from her...