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    Movies Film - General Commander (USA release May 28)

    Indeed, it worries me we haven't seen Seagal yet on pictures of this series. This worries me..
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    Stills / videos from deleted / behind the scenes of Seagal movies

    That last picture.. so sweet :)
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    Sexual Allegations against Seagal

    Well, at least this woman is lying her ass off here: I mean, look at all the thumbs down. If you watch her, i can't help it but the only thing is see is a woman who is acting.. horribly.
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    Movies Attrition (2017) (release Sept 14)

    Wauw, looks awesome :) From 1:12 until 1:13 it is not Seagal though, but a lot of fighting seems to be done by himself. I also noticed some speeding up in some parts of the fights, that's not a thing i really like. Let's just hope there are more fighting scenes with Seagal than just the ones in...
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    Movies Film - General Commander (USA release May 28)

    Will there be any trailer of this series? To be honest i am not hyped for this series. Everything looks so similiair compared to True Justice, but maybe we are getting a big surprise. But i predict this will be a series where Seagal has just some few scenes, just like in TJ. This series can only...
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    Movies Attrition (2017) (release Sept 14)

    Cool :) FB? Seagal on Facebook? Lol.
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    I am also back

    Thanks! :)
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    I am also back

    Thanks man! I am always in for a good discussion :P
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    The Expendables 4.

    If he can get over his issues with Avi Lerner, like Stallone did, then he has no reason to say no anymore. The allegations against him right now could be a bad thing, regardless if those allegations are true or not. Kevin Spacey was also fired from House of Cards, so anything could happen right...
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    I am also back

    Hi Guys, in the past i was active here under the name: nomis. I couldn't access my old account, but i returned to this awesome website :). Now as Shibito! Happy posting and reading everybody!
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    Stories about Seagal (from director's , co-stars....)

    If you read this you should say that Seagal does not like it when people are disrespectful towards women. Keeps me thinking if any of those current allegations against Seagal right now are not some 'quick money grab’ initiated by one woman, followed by many others who got the same idea.
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    Sexual Allegations against Seagal Of course everybody has to decide for himself what you believe or don't believe. We all know it happened in the past that celebrities were attacked or wrongfully accused, just because years later...