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    WALKINGFIRE - my first action movie

    Here is my first action movie I made and act. Sorry but it's in polish (soon will be titles english). Please fell free to comment about a movie that was made by one person in 4 years and coast less then 300$. the movie site:
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    How well do you know Steven Seagal quiz

    yeah 110 :)
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    First shot from my second movie DIVA

    for everyone interested here is the blog site and teaser for WALKINGFIRE :) but in Polish lang
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    First shot from my second movie DIVA

    my forst movie WALKINGFIRE will be released on DVD in March 2012 greets to all Seagal fans
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    Van Damme looks pumped.

    Van Damme will be fighting against Chuck Norris in EXPENDABLES 2 and it's confirmed :) hell yeah, wonder who will win. I think they will make even.
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    Television True Justice Series - New Trailers

    "Urban Warfare" looks like Urban justice style. Steven is BAAAAD and with a big beard like in Hard to Kill coma. COOL
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    Orange Advert

    SweetChinMusic have you ever know from the inside the production of the movie ?? He is not lazy. The film a stunt walking int he building becouse they have a limit days to shoot and don't have time to ride half a city to film Steven there as he is making a fight right now the other location. In...
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    Movies Finally! Born to Raise Hell on U.S. DVD April 19th.

    BRON TO RAISE HELL was released in POLAND, wonder why they again miss the Dangerous Man DVD. My country is weird. But they never beat the release of BELLY OF THE BEAST (after 3 years)
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    Television True Justice - Trailer

    yeahhhh...he looks like in GLIMMERMAN my favorite movie.
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    The Expendables. Too awesome to comprehend!

    Seagal and Van Damme will be asked by Stallone to play in Expendables sequel. Hope Sly will make it :) Rodiguez did :)
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    Movies "Machete" -Red Band Trailer Online

    Yes he played in MARKED FOR DEATH and also small talk role in URBAN JUSTICE
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    Movies "Machete" -Red Band Trailer Online

    Trejo getting guts out and Seagal decapitated in splatted bloody mess. Fantastic movie it will be...
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    Movies Machete trailer!

    Seagal with two swords :) cool
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    A Dangerous Man aka On The Run - Reviews

    I watched DANGEROUS MEN and I can only see positives. The dubbing is small and appears a lot when there is no Steven in the cam :). Perfect and classic brutal fights in nice scenery. This movie rocks and I can't wait till next one. Short and simple. 9/10