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    The Expendables 4.

    I just have a feeling movie politics will keep getting in the way of Seagal becoming an Expendable. There's the Avi Lerner issue, and though Lerner will always think of the money first, even if he swallows his pride and makes a firm offer, the bad blood still remains. Plus there's a lot of MMA...
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    The Expendables 4.

    Travolta would be a good villain in this. I'd also love to see Nic Cage playing some crazy character, just because crazy Nic Cage is a joy to behold. As for the whole Seagal film. Unfortunately it always seemed unlikely. There's the whole Avi Lerner/Millennium issue. Furthermore though...
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    Seagal Is Up For Some Expendables Action.

    Not even Sly can overrule Lerner. Avi's really headstrong, for better and worse. Their court case was so heavily publicized. However the glimmer of hope is that at one stage Lerner might see that Seagal's inclusion could raise the expectation of the film enough to warrant his inclusion. Van...
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    Seagal Is Up For Some Expendables Action. As we touched on before, his exclusion so far is more to do with rifts with the Lerners than Seagal's ego. It seems if he is able to appear in either 3, or 4 (which is inevitable if the 3rd is a...
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    Movies before release on internet

    This isn't just Seagal. It actually has happened to all the other action guys lately too. Most of Dolphs recent ones have been spread online like wildfire, and likewise Van Dammes last few were out well before release, including Enemies Closer. It's unfortunately common. There's nothing Waxman...
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    These sort of films will almost always be shot in about 3 weeks. It doesn't always result in bad quality. Granted more often than not it does, but we'll see. I actually miss Romania as a location. It's been more fashionable of late to film in Vancouver as opposed to Eastern Europe. If they...
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    I'm living in an madhouse!!

    Mason: Driven To Kill With Maximum Conviction.
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    Steven Seagal would have been perfect for "Taken" movies

    I'm not sure about this. I mean it's very much a Seagal type of film, but what elevated Taken from being better than your standard film of that type was Neeson. He was excellent in the role and gave it plenty of gravitas. Seagal may have presence, but I don't think he has the acting ability to...
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    Gutshot Straight (2013)

    I like it. I love those sort of old school synth scores. They've obviously been inspired by Drive. Could be an interesting change of pace for Seagal.
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    I have no problem with Waxman personally, and he sounds like a knowledgeable guy. Given a bit more freedom he could do something. My main problem is that he's basically a gun for hire who has the ability, first and foremost, to work around the limitations put upon a director by Seagal himself...
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    Voltage is a really sub-par DTV company. The problem is there are not too many DTV companies that consistently make films nowadays. Nu Image dont do as much these days because they're sister company Millennium are focusing on their theatrical release. Stage 6 dont do much now. They were...
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    Seagal is officially out of The Expendables 3.

    In all honesty its probably his movies which is funding his music. Its probably costing Seagal a lot more to perform and release his music, than hes making back. The trouble is Seagal loves his music but its mediocre, and there's a certain stigma attached to actors turned musicians, particularly...
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    Seagal is officially out of The Expendables 3.

    Well reasoned argument as always Josh. :rolleyes:
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    Seagal is officially out of The Expendables 3.

    Exactly. Unless Millennium sell the rights to the Exp franchise to another company, which given it's one of their only successes on the big screen, is very unlikely, I don't see Seagal ever being on board, be it 3, 4, 5 or however many they manage to do. In all honesty I think it'll end on the...
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    Seagal is officially out of The Expendables 3.

    Again though, this is all guess work. It's taking a throwaway, slightly teasing comment from Sly as Gospel. What about the other countless names Sly has name checked but haven't signed on? I've no doubts Sly wanted Seagal on board. Whether Seagal wanted to come on board is another matter. But as...