4 Towers - Dolph Lundgren, Scott Adkins


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Dolph is busy at the moment. Another project that he is going to do is called 4 Towers with Scott Adkins and Gianni Capaldi. The movie will be directed by James Coyne (A Certain Justice). It will probably shoot after War Pigs.

A Serbian ex war hero, Viro, (Dolph Lundgren), takes hostages at a powerful company’s dinner in an 11th century castle in a bid to capture the legendary stolen gold of Mussolini. Taking on Italy’s tactical swat teams and an Interpol unit (Scott Adkins and Gianni Capaldi), he may have captured a hostage who could prove too much to handle. Intense combat, thrilling knife fighting and explosive action follows Viro as he attempts to escape with the cursed gold and treasure.


Rumour has that Willem Dafoe will also be in this one.