Belly Of The Beast

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Tiggy you could always tell your son he can't come home without the DVD :)

Hey Suziwong glad you're finally able to see the movie!


Suzi, that pain in the neck who was here criticizing Steven and the film, said his voice is dubbed, did you or any of those lucky enough to have seen the film see any evedence of his voice being dubbed - still can't imagine why they would want to do so. Tiggy, (who has turned very green with envy and longs to se this film!!)


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Steven you have always been awesome, and you will always be awesome to me my love!

I rented this on VHS! I will watch again, with my family! I know they will enjoy this,
a fabulous movie! Steven is handsome. charming, spiritual, exciting, sweet and dangerous, all at the same time! I love this man! He is everything, he is soooooo interesting and so special, he is like no other man...He is my endless love!

Suzi, I am glad, great movie, huh? What a man, eeeeeeee, suzi, I miss the pictures!
I love him sooooo much....

I love you my sweet friend, you are lovely, and funny and great!



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suziwong said:
Finally I watched !!! :)

One of the leading TV Station of Turkey played "Belly of the Beast" which is finished 5 minutes ago. I didn't believe my eyes. Because I saw it by chance !! It was big surprised !!

Steven was PERFECT !! GORGEOUS !! Costumes (he weared wonderful chinese mandarin style shirts), hairstyle ( ponytail :) ) was very good !!!! Fight scenes EXCELLENT !!! Steven was EXCELLENT in the fight scenes. Stund double were used very good. Director was perfect !!!! Scenerio, players, were very good !! I see the old Steven again !!!
I love this big guy !!!!!

Thanks GOD at last he found himself.

Finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steven Seagal and his movie Belly of the Beast was WONDERFUL and he is still the BEST !!!!!

Thank you Mr. Seagal for this wonderful movie !!
I liked sooooooooooooo muchhhhh and I love you soo much, Because you are AWESOME !!


PS: LOTUS you must see as soon as possible !! I am sure you will like a lot of !!!

WOW Suzi, did you really love this movie? Just kidding I can tell you loved it. I did to. I thought it was one of his best.

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Well I ain't Suziwong Tibby but I did notice in two places in the movie where his voice was dubbed-can't understand why this is unless he was unavailable at that time

Mama San

I've only watched it once but I do not recall
being aware of any dubbing. Guess I'll just
HAVE TO watch it again and see, although I
really don't care. It was HIM on that screen
and that was all I needed to see.
Again.........that love scene.
What's it been......36....48 hours?
God bless,
Mama san

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Mama San,

It was a little steamy!!! Was hot at my place for a while :D :D
I liked this movie so much better than Out for a Kill or Foreigner
I want more!
BB Lady


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Tiggy said:
Suzi, that pain in the neck who was here criticizing Steven and the film, said his voice is dubbed, did you or any of those lucky enough to have seen the film see any evedence of his voice being dubbed - still can't imagine why they would want to do so. Tiggy, (who has turned very green with envy and longs to se this film!!)

Dear Tiggy,

Who cares Steven's voice is dubbed !! I watched him he was GREAT !!! I am not a professional critic. I am just Seagal fan and I liked this movie with Steven. Seagal is Seagal and no alternate.!!
Love scenes !!!! uhummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!! I don't want to speak about for this !!!;) just one problem: it was short !!;) hihihihiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!

Finally, I watched and I liked !!! Seagal was AWESOME again !!!!

I love this extraordinary, gorgeous, special and amazing big guy !!!
I love you Sensei You are AWESOME !!!



I Belong To Steven
Casey....:D Yes, the love scene, Heather OMG, girl...You have to watch that...
He was sooooooo sweet in it, I was just taken with him...Who could deny that big gorgeous guy some sweet warm kisses? I bet he's reeeal smooth when it comes to the ladies...hehehe...;)


Lotussan said:
Casey....:D Yes, the love scene, Heather OMG, girl...You have to watch that...
He was sooooooo sweet in it, I was just taken with him...Who could deny that big gorgeous guy some sweet warm kisses? I bet he's reeeal smooth when it comes to the ladies...hehehe...;)

Aww, dont you worry girl, iam counting the days down..I think that he is a real gentleman eh Lotussan...hugs from Heather...


I Belong To Steven
Hi Heather...How you been, girl? I hope you are well...
Yes, I think he's a real gentleman, and I am very taken
with him and sooooo charmed by him...
He's definately a real man, eh?
What a powerful and amazing guy...:)


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Still Waiting


This May from Thailand. We still don't have the Belly movie available here yet and it was filmed here! I really want to see it so I can see how Thailand looks on the film, and to see Mr Seagal too.

I just watched Glimmerman for the first time since I joined this web site and I thought it was funny, and light spirit and also good senes with Mr Seagal smiling a lot, which is a good change- a tough man can still smile. I like the way he respect Buddhism too in the movie, he never made a joke of that. I think he's genuine Buddhist? Does anyone know for sure?

Happy New Year to everyone . . .



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Hi May,

Welcome ! Belly of the Beast is really wonderful !! I came several times Thailand and I love your country. Thailand is Amazing !! I saw, Bangkok, Pattaya, etc.. If have a chance I want to live your Country !! How is weather there ?? I am sure hot huh ??? I like hot and my country is living snow days !!!

Steven Seagal is not only genuine Buddhist he is Buddhist Lama as well !! He is real Holy man !!!

Finally; Steven's smile !!!! OMG !!! his smile is incredible beautiful !!! Look at this smile !!! "No words necessary" isn't it ???



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A pretty objective review ;):

2003 - R - 94 min. - Millennium - dir. Tony Tung Yee Ching

I said in my review of the direct-to-video crapfest Out For a Kill that it would be
best for my mental health if I just stopped reviewing Steven Seagal movies altogether.
They were lousy to a breaking point, pissing me off with their hopeless, unending badness.
Surely, I felt, I’d be fine boycotting his films from here on in.

And yet, silly me, for some reason I felt like giving the guy one more chance. And
yes, Belly of the Beast - the third Seagal movie this year alone to go straight to video - is
every bit as bad as his other movies. But we do get a few very (unintentionally) funny bits
that made the pain sting a little less, so I’m not as pissed as usual.

The best/worst moment comes in the final fight sequence. In it, Seagal, playing ex-
CIA hump Jake Hopper, is dueling with some bad guy who’s shooting at him with a bow
and arrow. Instead of, you know, ducking, Jake decides it’d be more efficient to - and I am
not kidding - take out his gun and shoot the arrow in half while it’s flying at him. But
this is not all; after doing same damn thing a few more times, he then grabs a sword,
charges the arrow, and slices it out of the air. Seagal, it seems, is too large to be able to
merely move out of the arrow’s path.

(Despite his girth - Seagal keeps blimping up to Ted Kennedyian proportions - the
bad guys are never able to hit him. Explain to me, please, how so many can miss a target
so large. And Steve, I wouldn’t go around putting the word “belly” in my titles if I were
you. Although if I were you, I’d ditch the jackass ponytail, too.)

Anyway, the plot involves Jake’s daughter being kidnapped by drug dealers or
slave traders or pirates or something, and so he comes out of retirement to head out to
Thailand to kick some stuntman ass. What points are added to the production by having
Tony Tung Yee Ching direct - he also helmed such Hong Kong gems as The Executioners
(aka Heroic Trio 2) and the Chinese Ghost Story trilogy - are deducted by the decision to
give Seagal a sex scene.

Yes, folks, in what’s the most disturbing image to hit screens since Jabba the Hutt
leered at that six-breasted alien, Steven Seagal has a go at a love scene. His kisses look
downright uncomfortable for all involved, especially the stiff, confused Seagal himself,
who makes it look like kissing him would be the same as kissing a cat’s butt. That’s
nothing compared to the naked slobbering that follows, an image that I’m certain will be
used by medical professionals as a means to cure sexual addiction permanently. You may
never want to see an unclad body ever again.

The rest is typical Seagal puke, with the former star trying desperately to do his
own fight stunts (reduced to slow motion camera trickery to hide his ineptness). His
acting remains disturbingly one-note, and the plot around him is generic action cheapness.
There should be no reason he’s still working in the motion picture industry, even if he’s
now going overseas to find employment. At least here, however, the arrow-shooting stuff
is pretty damn funny.

RENT INSTEAD: Anything, really, although the plot had a vague whiff of Jake Speed to

ALSO RECOMMENDED: The Executioners (Really, how did Ching get suckered into
working with Seagal? What bet did he lose?)


Oh Jhogan, I loved your review, it was just so funny and witty, and in fairness, you are entitled to your view. Sadly I think it is you who has lost the plot. BOTB is escapism, entertainment, the traditional good guys bad guys plot. Have you not noticed in ALL of this type of film, even those that win Oscars, that the baddies always miss and the goodies can do anything! It has happened through the ages, and will continue to do so - psychologically, it's called producing the feel good factor. As for knocking Steven - he is producing films for the video market at the moment - you don't churn out that many films per year if you want a block buster - so I think we can assume he knows what he is doing - and you may insult him all you like, but hey, who will be laughing all the way to the bank - not you sucker!!! Filming abroad, of course he is - as is everyone else, it's a damn sight cheaper - even blockbusters like Lord of the Rings are made fully on location, and, I have just heard the entire film had to be dubbed due to cheap noisy location - and all the Rings films had enormous budgets. The love scenes, haven't seen them, but in truth it's not that easy to get into, with a cast of 50 plus just inches away, and a sound boom almost between you - look at Richard Gere's love scenes if you really want to see awful stuff - also, perhaps you felt a little inadequate watching, some lesser men do. Before mocking Steven over these scenes ask yourself - who would 100% ladies prefer -you perhaps ... I don't think so!! Steven is currently producing money making low budget movies - they are entertaining and watchable, and for those who like him they are heaven, if you don't, then go watch Bart Simpson, he sounds more your level.


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I don't like the critics of this idiot !! because he is very rude !!!! This is not a critic this is personal attack to Steven. He is doing it everytime !!
If he doesn't like Steven Seagal he should stop criticism him !!!
He himself is very big moron but he don't know this !!! parasite !! :mad:



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Tiggy, I believe the review JHogan posted was not his own but lifted from the rottentomatoes site. I believe that the rottentomatoes site only posts reviews of films they don't like, or some such.

Pay it no mind. The fellow only writes bad reviews because he thinks its clever.

-TD, still waiting for BOTB


I Belong To Steven
This review just plain sucks! It's not fair in any sense of the word...I agree with suzi, this is just a personal attack, and an obvious attempt at an insult to Steven and his fans, and what gets me the angriest is this guy has the nerve to speak for everyone when he doesn't know shit about what the average Seagal fan is thinking...He's just the same as the rest, insanely jealous and feeling inadaquate of a beautiful man who is famous, better looking, more charismatic and much more desireable than he will ever be...
If Steven sucks so much, I would like to know how he ever got where he did...Oh and one more thing...What is this guy talking about unclad bodies? There weren't even any unclad bodies in the love scene, although I wouldn't have objected to that...;)
Shows what this jerk knows...
What a complete idiot...:rolleyes:


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Just seen Belly of the Beast

Well guys I got it this morning and held out till tonight to watch it. My god this is one great film, with truly some of the best fight scenes I have ever seen in my life. Like many Seagal devotees I'd love to see him back to his Aikido roots with those gritty convenience store fight scenes but I was loving every second of this one! The fight scenes, especially the fruit market, the police station, the transvestite and the end fight are absolutely out of this world. For anyone who hasn't got it yet it's worth the wait trust me! It's a crime this one didn't hit theatres.