DVD Rental Review(The Foriegner and Half Past dead)


The Foreigner:
The Plot was good, but I mean there was too much killing, the brit who kept shooting everyone actually started to annoy me, I remember say piss off already. And btw where are the cops when he does this?
So in other words they almost ruined a fairley good plot by killing everyone.
That C.D. thing was kool...and it was a good movie for another reason: NO RAP.
But don't take my word for it, see it yourself...The DVD could have used more features.


This wasn't a bad movie, nothin like seagal with a good ol' boy accent driving a shaguar.
I liked it, the little guys were hilarious...Why'd they have to kil the big prom queen? :mad:

Amos Stevens

New Member
Glad you enjoyed the movies..one thing about Half Past Dead-the whole movie wasn't of him.
But as I said before,The Foreignor was too complicated to really enjoy the movie,and the basic story idea used again & again.