Movies Flight Of Fury - 20th February 2007

Steven Seagal stars in this high-octane thriller as John Sands, a secret operative used by the United States Air Force for those clandestine operations deemed too sensitive for the regular intelligence services. When his own Agency feels threatened by the knowledge he gained from past exploits -- they quickly imprison him and schedule a chemical wipe of his memories. Feeling betrayed by his Agency, John escapes the hi-tech detention center and plans to assimilate into society. Unfortunately, the Air Force has other plans for him. A top secret Stealth Bomber that uses the latest in stealth cloaking technology has been hijacked and it’s their belief that John’s the only man capable of getting it back before it falls into the hands of a terrorist group that could prove to be an unstoppable force.

Sands stumbles into the middle of a liquor store robbery that forces him to defend himself, which leads to his arrest by the local police department. While in custody, John finds he cannot escape his past. The Agency he worked for has located him. While John sits handcuffed inside the police station they offer him a deal - find the jet and bring it back into the United States. If he does this they'll allow him to walk away from this life and start over without having to look back. John knows he has little choice and agrees to the deal.

Source : Sony Pictures

Steven Seagal
Steve Toussaint
Angus MacInnes
Mark Bazeley
Ciera Payton
Alki David
Tim Woodward
Vincenzo Nicoli
Katie Jones
Gary Cooper

Directed by:
Michael Keusch

$12 million (USD)

Filming Locations:

Filming Dates:
1st March - 30th April 2006

Other Release Dates:
UK - 16th April 2007

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i think what ever he dose is great.i think his music sounds good an is movies are good to i think he is a kinda guy who is a warm man who can due alot of good.i think that is great i ike steven seagal


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Eastern European Brothel

I'd eliminate that liquor store plot and have the guy helping a distressed lady who has been held prisoner in a forced sex slave trade (ya gotta get women interested in this plot), liquor store robbers is go guy like logic. Plus, who's going to complain on the set about ladies walking around in skimpy outfits, plus all the complements will give the ladies a boost in their moral.

She got away but in order to save her friends she meets this guy, who in the process of breaking up this sex slave ring gets captured by the local cops, and your story continues on about the missing jet.


Its surposed too be out in Australia about the 24th i think some where about there it will be added to my growing collection...


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Seagal & Rooker

I feel that Steven Seagal and Michael Rooker, should do a movie together (seeing that they are both Aikido Specialists).

The movie can go 1 of 2 ways

1. the first way the brothers are both detectives on the force and are fighting crime together

2. the second way(the best) they could both be brothers with either on the different sides of the law and end up facing each other in an ultimate show down

or 3 actually make it into an Under Siege 3 movie, where by Rooker is a brother to Seagal who was presumed dead (the father of Sarah Ryback) and is out for revenge. He takes hostage of the biggest shopping mall in the states, at a time he knows Seagal will be with his pregnant wife Jordan Tate-Ryback and his (Rooker) daughter - Y becos he wants an ultimate show down.

I dont need credit for this movie, but all i ask to be is the the detective in the movie who is Seagal's side kick in the movie


I watched "Flight of Fury" last year when it first came out and was not overly impressed but watched it again last night and it grows on you. I felt that Steven did not appear in it very much, but when he did he was very impressive.


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I just got "Flight of Fury" on DVD last week when I was on vacation in Seaside, OR and I popped it in the minute I got home and I grew up on Iron Eagle and I knew right off the bat they had spliced Iron Eagle footage in. Watch the screens closely and you'll see when the F-16 "locks" on the Stealth fighter the screen clearly reads MiG-23 and you actually see the MiG-23 and not a Stealth fighter, as those were the Iraqi air craft in Iron Eagle. It kinda took the credibility off the bat from the film.

The scenes with Seagal and the actual new footage weren't bad at all. I enjoyed it and I wish Seagal would actually fight people these days instead of using asian doubles with wigs. But hey, this was a big step up from the incoherent mess of "Attack Force" that I just watched. I'm a sucker for Seagal, I'll buy anything he makes. But "Attack Force", "Flight of Fury", and "Black Dawn" really tested my tolerances.